Financial Aid will appear on your bill as estimated. Financial Aid dollars will be disbursed and applied to your Spring balance on January 2nd. If you are due a refund, the refund process will begin after January 5th.


Once financial aid is disbursed and appears on your tuition statement, you may have some questions about your next steps. We are here to answer all of your questions and assist you through this process. Below are our most frequently asked questions if you need additional help please feel free to contact our office by  254-968-9070 by email at [email protected] or schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor.

Financial Aid

You can check the status of your Financial Aid on your DuckTrax account.

It could be that your aid did not disburse due to an outstanding action on your FAFSA application. Check your MyGateway/Ducktrax financial aid status to see if you have an outstanding “to do”. This could be FAFSA Verification, a signature, etc. 

Book Loans are available at the beginning of each academic semester for students who may need additional assistance in purchasing their textbooks. You may only use this for the purchase of books and supplies at the Tarleton Bookstore located in Stephenville and you must have a Texan Card.  Learn more about book loans on our website

A short term loan can be used to assist you if you are experiencing temporary financial difficulty in connection with educationally related expenses. To fill out a short term loan application: 1. Log in to your MyGateway 2. Select DuckTrax 3. Select online Services and Financial Aid 4. Select Short Term Loan Application.

If you would like to inquire about any alternative/private loans you can visit to find what is available.

If you would like to inquire about the Parent PLUS Loan, you can apply on the Federal Student Aid website.

Estimated PLUS loans are estimated – they are a suggestion if you need additional funds. Your parents must make a separate application If you are inquiring about the Parent PLUS Loan. You can apply on the Federal Student Aid website.

Our financial aid advisors specialize in assisting students find the best way to pay for college. It is best to drop in to the Tarleton Center for assistance.

We may be able to update your FAFSA information if you submit a Family Contribution Appeal. This allows you to share your parents’ current income and for us to review the changes to see if we can update your aid. You may find Family Contribution Appeal information on our website.

Check out our website that walks you through how to fill out the free FAFSA or TAFSA form.

You will need to contact our FINAID office by phone 254-968-9070 by email at [email protected] or drop in to the Tarleton Center (preferred) to get your loan application started. 

You can contact our FINAID office by phone 254-968-9070 by email at [email protected] or drop in to the Tarleton Center (preferred) for assistance.

Tarleton has an online SAP process. It is our goal to make the Satisfactory Academic Process as simple and easy to complete. To access your specific SAP requirements, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to using your NTNET credentials
    1. If you do not yet have an account, you will need to confirm your student information
  2. Once you are logged in, any required tasks needed to complete your appeal will become available. For more information about the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy please visit our website for more information.

It could be that you have not submitted your Hazlewood Continuation form. If you submitted the form it could be processing and processing times can fluctuate from a couple days during non-peak times to a couple weeks during peak times. For more information please visit our website.


Students are only notified if they are selected as a recipient since the scholarship application is good for the entire academic year. If selected as a recipient, you will receive an email to log into the scholarship portal to view, accept/decline awards.

Disbursement to student bills will begin January 2nd and the scholarship will pay as a credit toward your bill.

You should first check the enrollment requirements for your scholarship by viewing them in your scholarship portal or on your financial aid awards in MyGateway. If your scholarship was recently awarded/accepted, please remember disbursement normally runs at night so you may need to give it 24 hours to disburse. If you are enrolled in the correct amount of hours and haven’t recently accepted the award, you should contact the Office of Scholarships at 254-968-9922.

Your private scholarship will show on your financial aid screen in MyGateway under financial award status. Learn how to check your private award status and find instructions on identifying the donor on our Private Award Status website.

Students can request a verification of enrollment at the Registrar’s Office. Students can also make the request online. 

Students can print a copy of their bill from Texan Bill Pay in MyGateway. Tarleton does not normally bill for scholarships. Funds must typically be received in order for the award to be posted to your account. There are a few exceptions such as funds coming from DARS or the United States Military.

Students select their refund options on the Tarleton Refund Options website. If an overage is on your account or if your balance shows a negative on your bill, you will receive a refund.

The Office of Financial Aid will need a copy of the certificate provided by the Texas Education Agency indicating you are the highest ranking graduate of your high school class. If you have not received the certificate, please contact your high school counselor.

Business Services

The refund process will begin after January 5th and typically takes 3-5 business days for bank processing. Keep in mind, adding or dropping classes could change your refund status and refund amount.

Calling or emailing the Business Office or Financial Aid will only slow down our ability to assist other students in need, so we ask that you not do that during the refund period.

For more information, visit our refund options page.

Upon registering for your classes you are not required to provide payment at the time of registration. Once tuition statements are released on your Texan Bill Pay, you can then make a payment or enroll in a payment plan. Your tuition will be due 7 days before your classes start for the semester.

For Spring 2023 the deadline is January 5th.

To enroll in a payment plan, navigate to Texan Bill Pay by logging into myGateway, selecting Ducktrax, and then selecting Texan Bill Pay. On the black navigation bar at the top of the page, select payment plans, then select “Enroll Now”.

Note: Tarleton offers multiple payment plan options.