Financial Aid Consortium

Steps to Participate in Tarleton State University’s Financial Aid Consortium Program

Step 1 — Pick up a Financial Aid Consortium Agreement Certification Form at the Office of the Registrar or the Office of Financial at Tarleton State University or print a form from the school’s listed below.

Step 2 — Complete the top portion of the Certification Home Institution portion of page one and sign the middle of page two.

Step 3 — Bring your schedule from the community college to your Tarleton State University academic advisor to ensure the courses will count towards your degree. Upon agreement, the advisor will sign the form.

Step 4 — Take the form to the Financial Aid Office of the Host Institution (community college) and have them complete the Certification Host Institution box on page two.

Step 5 — Take the form to the Registrar’s Office of the Host Institution (community college) and have them complete the bottom portion on page two. Tarleton State University must be notified within two business days if there is a change in enrollment status (i.e. drop/add courses, withdrawal, etc.)

Step 6 — The final step is to return the completed form along with the community college’s schedule to the Office of the Registrar at Tarleton State University for processing. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. You will receive a confirmation email at your email account once your agreement has been processed or if additional information is required. Any incomplete consortium agreements will be held for 10 days then will be marked as not processed.

 The deadline to submit completed consortiums to the Registrar’s Office is no later than the census day of the semester.

Step 7 — You must request an official transcript to be sent to Tarleton State University immediately upon completion of the courses at the community college. A hold will be placed on your record until this transcript is received.