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Texan Smart

Tarleton's Quality Enhancement Plan

Texan Smart is Tarleton State University's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for 2021-2026. This QEP will focus on enhancing financial wellness and well-being among students and the University by taking positive steps to improve student achievement and institutional effectiveness.

Mission Statement

Tarleton State University provides an academically challenging education where learning is grounded in real-world experiences and effective teaching, research, scholarship, and service. As a member of The Texas A&M University System, Tarleton is rich in history and tradition while being committed to student success and diversity. Tarleton strives to develop moral and ethical thinkers, scholars, and leaders who demonstrate civility and integrity, while contributing meaningfully and responsibly to a global society.

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To achieve the desired outcomes associated with the Texan Smart QEP, Tarleton has identified two specific goals from which respective actions will be implemented in an orderly and manageable sequence.

  • Establish the Texan Smart Financial Center within the University College.
  • Improve the efficacy of Tarleton programs and services.


The outcomes associated with Texan Smart QEP are:

  • Completers will describe financial attitudes, behaviors, and skills that correspond to financial wellness and well-being.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students will recognize how student success is influenced by the interplay between personal financial circumstances and academic performance.
  • Degree completion rates among undergraduate students will increase by six percentage points among first-time-in-college, transfer, and graduate student cohorts. (Goal 1 and Goal 2: 60x30TX)
  • Undergraduate students will identify and demonstrate marketable skills affiliated with their degree program and communicate those skills to potential employers. (Goal 3: 60x30TX)
  • Undergraduate students will graduate with student loan debt that is at or below 60% of their first-year, post-graduation annual wages. (Goal 4: 60x30TX).
  • Tarleton will improve processes and reduce student barriers to increase persistence and decrease time to degree.
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