Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of typical expenses associated with attendance at Tarleton State University for one academic year (fall and spring semester). Areas evaluated within the cost of attendance include:

Indirect Costs

Books and Supplies

The Cost of Attendance includes an estimate of the average cost for books, required course materials, computer-related expenses (excluding purchase of a computer), and educational supplies.


Transportation expenses are estimated within the Cost of Attendance to include an average number of trips a student will take in an academic year. Actual transportation cost will vary with student travel requirements, total mileage and mode of transportation.

Personal Expenses and Miscellaneous

Entertainment and personal purchases are also included in the Cost of Attendance as well. These costs vary from person to person, based on lifestyle and preferences.

Cost of Attendance is different for Undergraduates and Graduate Students. Please select your classification to learn more.