Texas Application for State Financial Aid 

Program Eligibility

The Tarleton State University Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping all of our students attain their educational goals by providing quality assistance in addressing their financial needs. As specified by Senate Bill 1528, state law permits students that are neither US citizens, nor permanent residents to be classified as Texas residents for admissions and financial aid purposes, thus making them eligible for state aid.

Certain categories of foreign-born and immigrant students in the State of Texas can meet state requirements for residency under Texas Education Code. This state law allows House Bill 1403 and Senate Bill 1528 students to pay the resident tuition rate while attending public institutions of higher education in Texas, and be classified as state residents for tuition purposes. As Texas residents, such students are eligible to apply for some student financial aid programs offered by the State of Texas.

To qualify for this program, students must meet the below criteria:

  1. Must have lived in Texas at least three years before receiving their high school (in Texas) diploma or Certificate of High School Equivalency
  2. Must have lived in Texas at least three years before enrolling in a public college/university (in Texas)
  3. Must submit an Affidavit of Intent with the Registrar’s Office declaring that they will apply for permanent residence in the United States as soon as the student becomes eligible.
  4. Male students between the ages of 18-26 must register with Selective Service.
  5. You must be an undergraduate student.

TASFA Priority Deadlines

Funding is limited, not all eligible students who apply will be awarded state grants. We encourage all students to apply and complete their financial aid paperwork as soon as possible to maximize their chances of receiving an award.

TASFA Filing Dates for the Academic Year

If You Plan to Attend College FromYou Will Submit This TASFAYou Can Submit the TASFA FromUsing Income and Tax Information FromPriority Deadlines
July 1, 2023 – June 30, 20242023 – 2024October 1, 2022 – June 30, 20242021January 15, 2023
The 2024-2025 TASFA will not be available until December 2023

Complete and Submit the TASFA

If you meet the criteria above and are not eligible to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) click on the buttons below to access the 2023-2024 TASFA. 

After you have filled out and signed your TASFA application (if you are a dependent student, your parent will need to sign your application), submit your TASFA and tax document(s) to [email protected], fax to 254-968-9600, or submit in person at the Financial Aid Office at any of our Tarleton Campus locations.

See the checklist below for additional required documents. Submission of the application does not guarantee an award.

2023 – 2024 TASFA Checklist

The 2023-2024 TASFA will not be available until October 1, 2022.

For the 2023-2024 aid year, below are the required documents:

  1. Complete the 2023-2024 TASFA in English or Spanish
  2. Submit Tax Documents:

You are a dependent student if you were required to report your parents’ tax information on your TASFA form. 

  • Signed 2021 parent tax return
  • Signed 2021 student tax return
  • 2021 parent W-2 forms
  • 2021 student W-2 forms

You are an independent student if you were not required to include your parents’ tax information on your TASFA form. 

  • Signed 2021 student (and spouse, if married) tax return
  • 2021 student (and spouse, if married) w-2 forms 

If you did not file taxes, please submit a letter of non-filing from the IRS.gov website, or submit a signed Non-Tax Filers Affidavit explaining why you or your parents did not file. 

2023-2024 Non-Tax Filers Affidavit

  1. Male students between the ages of 18 – 25 must register for Selective Service and provide a copy of the registration acknowledgment card or registration printout from the Selective Service System.

Your application is not considered complete until all required documentation has been submitted. Please monitor your go.tarleton email account for requirement updates.

Submission of the application does not guarantee an award.