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Mission Statement

To serve Tarleton State University’s students, faculty & staff through a commitment to philanthropy.

Vision Statement

By intentionally connecting passionate investors with a large, diverse and growing college campus, Tarleton State University is poised to shape the next generation of servant-leaders and to become the pre-eminent philanthropic fundraising institution at the national university level. 


Institutional Advancement Team

Vidmar Anthony VP IA Exec Cabinet 2022

Tony Vidmar

Vice President for Institutional Advancement & the Executive Director for the Tarleton State University Foundation

Colley Jennifer

Jennifer Colley

Assistant Vice President for Development

Sonja Rosenbalm resized

Sonia Rosenbalm

Executive Assistant

Headshot of Bobby Waddell

Bobby Waddell

Director of Development 

Headshot of Michael Gilstorf

Michael Gilstorf

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development

Headshot of Sara Hanson

Sara Hanson

Director of Donor Relations

Headshot of Janice Horak

Janice Horak

Executive Director of Development – University Arts & Culture, Planned Giving Specialist

Headshot of Connie McCormick

Connie McCormick

Administrative Coordinator

No Photo placeholder

Julie Smith

Director of Development – College of Business

Headshot of Cori Brown

Cori Brown

Director of Annual Giving

Headshot of Tina Sartor

Tina Sartor

Annual Giving Coordinator

Headshot of Emma Bouquet

Emma Bouquet

Director of Advancement Services

Headshot of Janae Smith

Janae Smith

Gifts Coordinator

Headshot of Amy Flynt

Amy Flynt

Assistant Director, Prospect Research

Headshot Marini White

Marni White

Advancement Services Data Specialist

Headshot of Mary Adams

Mary Adams

Director & Curator of Collections, W.K. Gordon Center 

Sue Goodman

Sue Goodman

Curator of Education and Exhibits, W.K. Gordon Center

Headshot of Lea Hart

Lea Hart

Social Media and Marketing Assistant, W.K. Gordon Center

Headshot of Deborah Liles

Deborah Liles, Ph.D.

Advancement Services Data Specialist

Headshot of Pam McLerran

Pam McLerran

Office Manager, Tarleton Foundation, Inc.

Headshot of Tami Condon

Tami Condon

Director of Alumni Engagement

Headshot of DJ Williams

DJ Williams

Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement

No Photo placeholder


Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Headshot of Rocky Hardin

Rocky J. Hardin


Headshot of Mark McKenzie

Mark McKenzie

Vice President

Headshot of Dr. Stan Carpenter

Dr. Stan Carpenter


Headshot of J.C. Johnson

J.C. Johnson


 Headshot of Alice Anne Brown

Alice Anne Brown


Headshot of Lorilei Butler

Lorilei Butler


Headshot of Terry Miller

Terry Miller


Headshot of Bryan Bierschwale

Bryan Bierschwale


Headshot of Dr. Alfie Pino

Dr. Alfie Pino


Headshot of Dr. Ted Pettijohn

Dr. Ted Pettijohn


Headshot of Hadley Woerner

Hadley Woerner


Board Emeritus

  • Mrs. Nancy J. Allen
  • Mr. Ben T. Baty
  • Mr. Tom H. Birdsong III
  • Mr. Jim T. Chambers
  • Mr. R. Don. Coan
  • Dr. Lamar Johanson
  • Dr. A. Dwain Mayfield
  • Honorable Mike Moncrief
  • Mr. Mike A. Myers
  • Mr. J. Ronnie Sullins

Ex-Officio Members

  • Dr. A. Dwain Mayfield, Tarleton State University Foundation, Inc. President, 2012-December 2015
  • Dr. James L. Hurley, Tarleton State University President
  • Tony Vidmar, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Greg Schoonmaker, Tarleton Alumni Association President Elect

Frequently Asked Questions

Tarleton’s budget has grown with its student body, the expansion of its mission, its commitment to excellence, and the desires of the public to see highly educated, technically proficient graduates in the workforce. However, state funding has not grown accordingly. Gifts to the University allow it to grow in ways that basic funding cannot accomplish. Private gifts allow for programs that state funding doesn’t, such as scholarships, special acquisitions, equipment purchases, the creation of endowments, etc.

That depends on the nature of your gift, but most gifts are at least partly deductible. If you receive any goods or services in return for your gift, such as auction items or tickets, the fair-market value of those items is tax-deductible. For more information please contact your tax advisor.

Yes, donors often pledge gifts to be paid over time. For example, a donor who makes a $1,000 pledge might choose to fulfill the commitment with two $500 payments over the course of a year, or a donor who pledges $25,000 might complete the commitment over five years. For more about pledging a gift, contact us.

The university accepts a wide range of gifts, including cash, securities, real estate, art, jewelry, equipment, intellectual property, mineral rights, oil and gas interests, timber, cattle, and limited partnership interests. All gifts are subject to review by the University’s Gift Acceptance Committee.

Tarleton State University maintains a scholarship committee that reviews applications and makes the final determination. Donors do not participate in the final selection process. However, Tarleton encourages donors to meet with scholarship recipients through regular awards, luncheons, and other planned activities.

Your rights as a Tarleton State University donor are protected by Tarleton’s Donor Bill of Rights. Among those rights are respectful treatment and safe handling of your personal information.

Absolutely, you can designate your gift however you see fit. However, unrestricted gifts can make the difference to underserved programs, programs without an alumni base (like the library, for example), or to help create new programs.

By Mail: enclose a check payable to Tarleton State University. If you are wanting to designate your gift to a specific college, department, or need on campus, please include that on the memo line. Please mail your check to: Institutional Advancement Box T-0260 Stephenville, TX 76402

By Phone: please call Institutional Advancement at 254-968-9890

Thank you in advance for your support!