Financial Aid Resources

After you submit your financial aid application, you will receive a financial aid notification from Tarleton State University. This notification will have a collection of types of assistance being offered to you to help you pay for college. The notification can be confusing at first, so we’ve created a helpful video explaining what you will see on your notification.

Next Steps

You have received your aid notification, now what? Check out these important next steps.

1. Get Informed

It is important to understand your aid notification so you can choose what aid is best for you to accept. Remember, you do not have to accept all your aid when it is offered.

Consider the aid offered to you in this order:

  1. Free Money (Scholarships and Grants including Texas Grant, Pell Grant, Tarleton Promise) 
  2. Earned Money (Work study
  3. Borrowed Money (Only accept federal student loans if they are needed. Learn more about loans)

2. Explore Tuition and Fee Calculator and Payment Plans

Check out our tuition and fee calculator. This will help you determine how much aid you may need to accept. We also suggest making a list of living expenses and your budget for the aid year, this will help to not accept loans that you may not need. Consider not accepting any loan options until you know how much you will owe (when your tuition statement is released)

Tarleton State University offers payment plans for tuition. This is a great way to space out your payments if you are going to be working a part-time job and want to pay for your tuition yourself or if you want to use your work-study for payment of your tuition.

3. Meet with your Financial Aid Advisor

If you would like to discuss your aid notification or need guidance through the financial aid process, meet with one of our financial aid advisors!

4. Accept your Aid Offers

Once you have reviewed your aid options and talked with an advisor, it is time to let us know what you will be accepting in your aid letter. During this time, it is also important to take care of any outstanding documents. This could be your Loan Agreement (MPN) or entrance counseling. 

More questions?

Check out our FAQ Page.

Our office is equipped with financial aid advisors that can assist you with any part of the financial aid process. We want to serve you and assist you in paying for college! Schedule your appointment with an advisor here.