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The College of Business at Tarleton State University has a robust assurance of learning (AoL) program. AACSB standards for AoL have two foundational goals:

  • Accountability
  • Continuous improvement

The specific language of the standard is as follows: “The school uses a well documented, systematic process to develop, monitor, evaluate, and revise the substance and delivery of the curricula of degree programs and assesses the impact of the curricula on learning.”

AACSB requires that faculty have “ownership of, and a deep involvement in” the process of assuring that students in our programs are learning. Additional constituents influence the College’s AoL process, including students, alumni, advisory boards, and employers. Data collected through this process are analyzed by the Assurance of Learning (AoL) committee, led by Program Coordinators, and discussed with discipline faculty in order to fuel conversations on continuous improvement through the development of action plans to improve student learning.

Each of the College’s degree programs have a clearly defined plan for monitoring learning objectives. The Program Coordinator assigned to each discipline program has the primary responsibility to ensure that the review process is implemented. Click below to to review the results for each degree program.


  • Data Collection Occurs Each Fall for Respective Student Learning Objectives
  • Data is Processed during Winter Break
  • Data is Presented to the AoL Committee in Early Spring Semester where Analyses are Conducted
  • Evaluation of Previous Cycle’s Action Plans are Conducted to Determine Effectiveness
  • Analyses are Presented to Faculty at Second Faculty Meeting for General Discussion and Action Plans are Developed
  • Action Plans are Refined, Completed, and then Presented at Third and Final Faculty Meeting in the Spring

College Wide Action Plans