cob maricsa perez

Maricsa Perez

Graduating in 2018 with her BBA in Marketing, Ms. Perez returned to complete her MBA while spearheading the College’s efforts to leverage social media to communicate with stakeholders!

Student Resources

Students are at the heart of everything we do at Tarleton. While the classroom is perhaps the most visible aspect of what we do, the reality is that we engage students through multiple touchpoints all with one thing in mind; to help each student succeed in their pursuit of their education. To that end this page includes a variety of resources available to students to help them succeed during their time here in the College of Business.

icon minimum technology requirements

Minimum Technology Requirements (QM Standard 1.5)

  • Includes minimum hardware and software requirements and expectations for learners to be successful in their studies
icon computer and information literacy skills

Computer Skills and Digital Information Literacy Skills (QM Standard 1.6)

  • Includes the minimum necessary skills and abilities expected of students in order to be success in their coursework.
icon vendor privacy statements

Vendor Privacy Statements (QM Standard 6.4)

  • Provides links to relevant vendor privacy statements for products used in COB courses.
icon technical support

Technical Support (QM Standard 7.1)

  • Provides links to vendors products used in COB courses in case technical assistance is required.
icon accessibility support

Accessibility Support (QM Standard 7.2)

  • Provides links to vendor accessibility support services.
icon academic support services

Academic Support Services (QM Standard 7.3)

  • Provides links to university support services including library services, the Tarleton Writing Center, the Tutoring and Learning Center, etc.
icon student services and resources

Student Services and Resources (QM Standard 7.4)

  • Provides links to university support services including advising, registrations, financial aid, office of veteran services, student counseling services, career services, and student organizations.
icon vendor accessibility statements

Vendor Accessibility Statements (QM Standard 8.6)

  • Provides links to vendor accessibility statements.