Texans Know How!

After analyzing the market, students determined that products including Tarleton’s official Tartan image would best be suited for four products:

  • Ceramic Mugs
  • Crewneck Sweatshirt
  • Luxury Silk Scarves
  • Silk Bowties
  • Silk Ties

Other products will be added as they become available.

Tartan Project Development

In August 2018, Drs. Randy McCamey and Karol Blaylock, inspired by an upcoming study abroad trip, develop Tarleton’s Official Tartan named Even Forward, Ever Onward, to honor the Tarleton fight song, is a nod to the school’s rich history and vibrant future as it moves closer to becoming the premier student-focused university in Texas and beyond. The six lines in the tartan pattern represent the university’s six core values: tradition, integrity, civility, excellence, leadership and service. Students took up the mantle to capitalize on the crossroads of their education and real-world business opportunity. 

Student Leadership

A fully student run business, students are responsible for managing inventory, marketing, order fulfillment, etc. , all which help promote real-world experiences for each student. Tarleton’s Tartan Project helps students grasp the true meaning of owning and operating a business in each field needed to build a business from the ground up. Funds made from this project go straight back into student organizations within the College of Business.

Invest in Students

Want to give back to your alma mater and show your Tarleton pride at the same time? What better way that to dawn official Tarleton Tartan products? Proceeds go to support College of Business:

  • Scholarships
  • Student Organizations
  • Student Development Activities

So give back and show off your Tarleton pride at the same time!