Minors, Concentrations, and Certificates

If chosen strategically, a minor, concentration, or certificate can help round out your education, expose you to subject areas that will increase the value of your degree at graduation, and prepare you for graduate school if that is of interest to you. Having said that, each require additional classes which may delay your graduation, cost more money, and if not chosen strategically, will have limited benefit. If you would like to learn more about the pros and cons of minors, review the video below and explore your options below. Reach out to your advisor if you have additional questions.

Fraud Examination
The Fraud Examination minor should be considered by students interested in becoming a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). As corporate fraud has increased during the past decade, business firms have responded by hiring CFE’s and they continue to be in high demand. The function of a CFE is to prevent, detect and investigate fraud schemes in the workplace. After fraudsters are discovered, CFE’s may also assist in the development of forensic evidence which can be used in their prosecution. CFE’s also work closely with corporate accountants and internal and external auditors in the development of effective internal controls.
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Required Courses
ACCT 3300Accounting Concepts3
ACCT 4324Auditing Evidence and Report3
ACCT 4325Fraud Examination3
CRIJ 2314Criminal Investigation3
CRIJ 3315Rules of Criminal Evidence3
CRIJ 4325Advanced Investigation3
Total Hours18
For information on the CFE credential, go to https://www.acfe.com/cfe-credential . For more information on the Fraud Examination minor, email Dr. Stephen Blythe at [email protected].

Real Estate
The College of Business at Tarleton State University is addressing the needs of our students by adding a Minor in Real Estate to prepare students to succeed in the real estate market. There are six specific real estate classes; The Principles of Real Estate I , Principles of Real Estate II, The Law of Agency, The Law of Contracts, Real Estate Law and Promulgated Contracts, and Real Estate Finance that discuss key areas required by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). Students who successfully earn the Real Estate Minor will complete TREC’s educational requirements to apply for a sales agent license.  Additionally, the real estate courses at Tarleton are provided in a format geared toward students in multiple locations and backgrounds. This minor is designed to accommodate students from multiple majors who have an interest in expanding their Real Estate skills.
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Real Estate Flyer

Required Courses
FINC 4302Real Estate Finance3
REST 4303Texas Real Estate Agency Law3
REST 4304Principles of Real Estate I3
REST 4305Principles of Real Estate II3
REST 4306Texas Real Estate Contracts3
REST 4307Real Estate Law3
Total Hours18
Contact Dr. Nina Rogers at [email protected] to discuss adding a real estate background in your Tarleton degree

Business Minor
Designed to supplement your major, a College of Business minor can provide a student with additional expertise in business to help round out their education. Additionally, if pursued strategically, leveling requirements for the MBA and MS-HRM can be 100% completed and most of the leveling requirements for the MACC can be completed if the students is interested in pursuing their College of Business graduate degree.
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Required Courses
Total Hours18
1 Student must select coursework from at least 2 different subject fields.

While the above satisfies the requirements for a business minor, if you are interested in pursuing the MACC, MBA, or MS-HRM as a graduate student, you should complete the classes below to minimize the need to complete leveling classes for those respective College of Business graduate programs. Note that the MACC requires two additional accounting courses to enter the program.

Required Courses
ACCT 3300Accounting Concepts3
BUSI 2311Business Statistics3
FINC 3301Principles of Finance3
ECON 2301Principles of Macro Economics3
MKTG 3312Marketing3
MGMT 3300Principles of Management3
Total Hours18

cfp image slider Financial Planning
Unlock your financial future. Our comprehensive concentration and minor in Financial Planning equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a Certified Financial Planner. Master the art of investment strategies, risk management, and wealth planning. Join us and pave your path to a rewarding career in financial planning today. Available as a concentration or as a minor, unlock your future today by discussing options with your advisor.
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Required Courses
ACCT 4305Federal Tax Accounting 13
ACCT 4315Estate and Gift Tax 13
FINC 4304Investments I 13
FINC 4308Principles of Insurance and Risk Management 13
FINC 4310Professional Financial Planning 13
FINC 4380Financial Planning Capstone 13
Total Hours18

1Students pursing the Financial Planning minor field must make a grade of “C” or higher in each of the required courses. Please contact your academic advisor or  Finance faculty member for additional information. 

Certificate in Cybersecurity
The CIS side will prepare individuals to secure both computer systems and networks, as well as develop business security strategies. The courses utilize hands-on labs and include the use of current security, forensic, and penetration testing software. The student will also be preparing to take the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. The CJ side will prepare the student to recognize, gather, and report electronic evidence for analysis of security breaches, criminal or civil investigations, and any other legal or company procedural purpose.
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Cybersecurity Flyer

Required Courses
CRIJ 3315Rules of Criminal Evidence3
BCIS 4320Computer Forensics3
BCIS 4342Ethical Hacking & Network Defense3
BCIS 4345Network and Systems Security3
CRIJ 4353Global Cyber-Security3
Total Hours15