The College of Business promotes a global perspective developed to better understand the interconnected nature of the global business environment. As a core characteristic of the college, study abroad trips are designed to enhance learner experiences and broaden their perspective of the global business environment.

Ireland, Scotland, and England

May. 19, 2023 – May. 30, 2023

Ireland Scottland England Map

Explore three European capitals while learning about different financial, accounting, and cultural practices.

Learners will receive an opportunity to study various accounting concepts, financial environments, and business disciplines, which are then applied to practical experiences and activities related to Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK). These countries offer a unique business environment with tenuous ties to the European Union. Learners will prepare and report on research assignments and country material prior to departure. While in Ireland and the UK, learners will be exposed to representatives of various businesses. Learners are expected to maintain a journal of observations and experiences, relating those to course content. The learner will complete the course by submitting a paper, which synthesizes the learner’s research and knowledge relating to study abroad observations and experiences.

Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Jim Goodpasture and Dr. Catalin Dinulescu