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Unit Marks and Usage

Unit marks are custom marks that distinguish one campus unit from another. Unit marks are created upon request by the Department of Marketing and Communications.

Unit marks are made up of three elements: the logomark, wordmark and unit name. These elements must be used together and cannot be used in any other form.

Our unit marks follow a standardized and consistent visual hierarchy that supports the Tarleton State University brand while providing a clear and strong unit or group identifier.

college unit mark
Tarleton College of Science and Mathematics logo
division unit mark
Tarleton Division of Finance and Administration logo
school unit mark
Tarleton School of Kinesiology Logo
Department/office unit mark
EXAMPLE Occupational Therapy Horizontal Purple 01

The logo is the primary visual identity of the university and should be on all collateral. However, there are certain instances where a unit mark is appropriate.


Advertising/community partnerships where the purpose of the advertisement or partnership serves a single purpose related to a particular unit. Approval from the Office of Licensing and Trademarks is required. In these instances, only school and college unit marks may be utilized. Program unit marks are not approved for advertising and large marketing campaigns.YES
Print materials that are distributed internally (to an internal audience and/or distributed on campus only).YES
Promotional items to distinguish one program from another. For example, items handed out at Texan Tour and other recruitment events.YES
Event-based apparel or uniforms.YES