System And Design Requirements For Your Website


Tarleton is currently using a content management system called WordPress. All websites are developed and maintained inside this web-based application in order to provide better usability, accessible content, consistency of branding, and ease of updating information. It is important that all editors and administrators of sites maintain awareness of these guidelines and not deviate too far from the established look and feel of the site. The Web Team uses a suite of tools to monitor compliance and you will be notified if we have concerns – but, of course, we’re always here to help assist you in finding a solution that works!

To receive access to WordPress, please contact [email protected].

There must be a designated web content editor in your area to keep the website up-to-date at all times. Contact information for this web content editor must also be documented on the particular website’s homepage. Contact Web Services for training when needed.

Color Requirements

To learn more about University Color Requirements, please reference Brand Central.

University Calendar System

This is now available on the Livewhale Calendar Tutorial Website.

Vanity/Shortened URLs

A vanity/shortened URL is a short and easy-to-remember web address that can be created to forward to a Tarleton page. Vanity URL requests must be directed to Web Services.

We have three official shortened/alternate URLs for Tarleton: 

  • (only for official Marketing/Administrative purposes)

For more information, please contact x1819 or [email protected].

Privacy & Collecting Form Data

All forms that gather information from visitors must have a link to Tarleton’s Privacy Policy.

In adherence to the Tarleton Privacy Policy, the use of cookies to collect personal information about a visitor is prohibited. Collection of information such as email addresses must be supplied voluntarily by the visitor.

Special precautions must be taken when collecting sensitive data via web forms, such as social security numbers, passwords, or pin numbers. Contact Web Services to discuss options for collecting this data via the web. Only collect this data when absolutely necessary.

All web-based forms must have Tarleton State University branding on them in some form at the top of the page. The form may be embedded into a Tarleton web page using an iframe, otherwise, a Tarleton-branded header graphic should be placed at the top of the form page.

Web Services will assist in creating forms for departments, faculty, and organizations. Please call us at x1819 to discuss your form needs.

Domain Name Usage And Purchase

Ownership Of Tarleton Domain Names

Tarleton must own all rights in the Internet domain names used by all departments within the university. Therefore all faculty and staff must cooperate with Tarleton’s Department of Marketing & Communications in new acquisition or transfer of ownership for current domain names and websites used for all official Tarleton purposes or activities.

New Domain Name Registration

Tarleton encourages departments within the university to use the domain whenever possible. Use of directory names under this domain requires no cost. By doing this, it will help the university to reduce 1) cost, 2) the proliferation of Tarleton-related domains, 3) additional resources needed for domain name management and 4) the risks associated with unintended expirations for heavily used sites.

If you wish to purchase a domain name (.com, .net, .info, etc.) for usage with a Tarleton-owned website, please consult Web Services by calling 254-968-1854 or email [email protected].