Department of Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications department at Tarleton State University is responsible for developing and managing the university’s brand. The department also creates and executes marketing campaigns, conducts market research, and develops marketing plans and strategies. The Marketing & Communications department works with colleges, schools, and other units across the university community to create a cohesive and effective marketing message. The department also provides support for Tarleton’s alumni relations, development, and government relations efforts.

The Marketing & Communications department is a valuable resource for Tarleton students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The department provides a variety of services to help Tarleton achieve its goals. These services include:

  • Marketing and communications strategy development and execution
  • Market research
  • Marketing planning and strategy development
  • Media Relations
  • Public relations
  • Creative services
  • Web development and design
  • Social media marketing
  • Alumni relations
  • Development
  • Government Relations

The Marketing & Communications department is committed to helping Tarleton achieve its goals of student success, academic excellence, and community engagement. The department’s work helps to ensure that Tarleton is a top-ranked university that is known for its quality education, strong alumni network, and commitment to serving the community.

What We Do

Creative & Multimedia Production Services

From brochures and pamphlets to journals and anthologies, our office produces publications and marketing materials for the university, from invitations and programs to brochures, pamphlets, magazines, photography, and video.

Licensing & Trademarks

The purpose of the Office of Licensing and Trademarks is to protect and promote the university brand. All on-and-off-campus individuals, groups and organizations must receive written approval from the Office of Licensing and Trademarks prior to using the Tarleton name, logos, likeness and images. 

Marketing & Branding

We develop and manage the university’s brand. We build awareness. We make strategic marketing decisions. We help deliver the brand promise. Our team oversees the university’s overarching brand campaigns and marketing campaigns, conducts market research, develops marketing plans and strategies, and performs media buys for colleges, schools and other units across the university community. For brand guidance, please visit

News & Information

The Office of News & Information focuses on telling the Tarleton story to internal and external audiences through news releases, media pitches, social media, video, web postings, an experts list and managing media interview requests. Our goal is to showcase Tarleton and inform local, state and national audiences about our outstanding faculty and educational programs, innovative research, and significant public events.

Web Services

We create and maintain the design, infrastructure, and marketing strategy for the university website.

The Web team uses WordPress as the university’s web content management system and provides full WordPress support, as well as group training sessions.