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Tarleton State University’s name and logos reflect the passion of alumni, students, faculty, and fans. Rich in history, the university must protect the integrity of the marks that represent it … the Tarleton brand.

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Why It’s Important

Protecting the brand preserves the university’s image and reputation, and owning the rights to the registered marks brings royalty revenue for scholarships, operational funds, and presidential projects. Not protecting registered trademarks through Branding Guidelines puts those marks in danger of falling into the public domain, resulting in significant revenue loss and possibly harmful misuse.

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Purchasing Trademarked Merchandise



Departments, student organizations and groups must use a licensed vendor to produce any merchandise or apparel with the Tarleton State University name, trademarks or other identifying features.

This applies to:

  • a department/club/organization’s own use (staff shirts, uniforms, team shirts)
  • promotional goods (giveaways, recruitment materials)
  • items sold for fundraising (which are subject to the school’s royalty fee)*

Groups that want to produce an item for sale should first contact the Texans Campus Store (bookstore) to make sure that it would not compete with something already in retail. University groups may not recreate items currently sold in retail for promotional purposes.

Licensed vendors are rigorously vetted to ensure that their products meet Tarleton standards. The university will not approve a purchase order to an unlicensed vendor.

NOTE: for items like business cards, name tags, and official templates, Click Here.

To request a Unit Mark for internal merchandise, Click Here.

Want to make an order or become a licensed vendor? How can Licensing and Trademarks help?

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I represent:

Purchase Tarleton Merchandise (Tarleton Student Club/Organization)

Step 1: Create your own design or choose a logo

To create a logo or use an existing university logo, consult the Branding Guidelines. For assistance with student organization logo use, contact the Assistant Director for Student Organizations at [email protected].

Student organizations that need assistance creating a design should contact a licensed vendor or Student Engagement & Success Marketing. Direct logo and design questions should be directed to [email protected].

Club Sports

Prior to ordering items, Tarleton club sports teams must contact the Club Sports Coordinator for approval. Policies regarding logo use can be found in the Branding Guidelines.

Club sports teams that have an NCAA counterpart must use “Club” or something similar on all items, including but not limited to:

  • jerseys
  • promotional pieces
  • travel gear
  • marketing, advertising and social media accounts

RSO Name Guidelines

Student Organization Identity Guidelines
Student organizations are able to identify with Tarleton State University subject to the following guidelines:
• The student organization has RSO status. The RSO should not be confused with a university department, program or initiative; and
• The student organization identity does not interfere with the integrity of Tarleton State University’s trademarks or intellectual property

Student Organization Names
Registered student organizations including club sports may use the Tarleton name so long as there is a distinction demonstrating the group’s status as a separate entity from Tarleton State University. The name must identify the organization as a student-based organization, and not a Tarleton State University department, program or initiative.

An RSO may choose one of the following:
• Include “at Tarleton” after the name (e.g. Chess at Tarleton)
• Include “Club,” “Students for …,” “Chapter,” “Association,” “Society,” “Fraternity,” “Sorority” or “Organization (e.g., Tarleton Chess Club, Tarleton Student Gymnastics, Tarleton Archery Society)

Use of the Word “Team”
To prevent giving the false impression that Tarleton officially has launched a particular athletics program, “Team” can only be included in the name if there is not an NCAA equivalent. If there is, “Club” or another separating word must be used in place of or in conjunction with “Team.” Email [email protected] to confirm if a sport or event is NCAA sanctioned. Send the confirmation to [email protected]
• e.g., NCAA: Tarleton Women’s Soccer Club, Tarleton Club Tennis, Tarleton Lacrosse Club Team
• e.g., not NCAA: Tarleton Rodeo Team, Tarleton Meats Judging Team

Use of the Word “Texan(s)”
Student organizations may use the word “Texan(s)” in their organization name, but it may not be formed in a way that could be construed that the university has taken an official position. Neither Tarleton nor Texan(s) can be used in an inclusive way to suggest that all Tarleton students/employees partake or agree.
• Acceptable: Texan Republican Club, Texan Knitting Organization
• NOT Acceptable: Texans for (political candidate), Knitting Texans

Recreation Sports Names
If a Rec Sports team opts not to use “at Tarleton” or a separating word like “Club,” or “Intermural,” they are permitted to use “Texan” before their sport name.
• e.g., Texan Ultimate Frisbee, Texan Flag Football

All names must be approved by the office of Licensing and Trademarks. Abuse of this policy (e.g. poor representation of Tarleton State University, and/or failure to follow branding guidelines and policy in obtaining permission to use university marks) could result in disciplinary action and removal of “Tarleton” or “Texan(s)” from club name.

Student Use of University Logo

Business Cards

Students may not use Tarleton logo(s) on business cards. A business card symbolizes employment. Current students may request a contact card through The Source or Student Engagement & Success Marketing. Students requesting cards must receive permission through their academic unit or organization. The Source is the official printer for student contact cards. Only the official card will be accepted.

See the example (not actual size).

student calling card

Identification Cards

Students representing a professional organization who need an ID card for external meetings, conferences and interviews can add their organization mark to contact cards. The cards should identify you as a student or part of the organization and should not match the official templates for employees or use the university logo.

Step 2: Choose a licensed vendor and obtain a proof

Find licensed vendors at:

Step 3: Submit a campus merchandise request form with proof

Use the form below. Forms will be reviewed within 48 hours. Allow at least a week to start on an apparel/merchandise project so a vendor can price, source and decorate items. Contact your group’s adviser for assistance.

Step 4: Order merchandise

Once your request form has been approved, you may begin working with your vendor to produce merchandise.

Purchase Tarleton Merchandise (Tarleton Faculty/Staff)

Step 1: Choose your mark.

University Logo Marks

Departments are encouraged to use official Tarleton logos when applicable. Find information about logo use in the Branding Guidelines.

College/Department Unit Marks

All colleges and university departments have distinguishing marks created by the Marketing and Communications Department on request. Unit marks are approved for promotional materials, table covers and other internally distributed items where it is important to distinguish one campus unit from another.

Merchandise Marks

Merchandise marks are approved when ordering promotional items — pens, lanyards, wristlets, etc. —with a small imprint area or for use with social media. Merchandise marks are not unit specific. Note: Marks can only be requested by a department head or with their attached approval.

Step 2: Choose a Licensed Vendor and obtain a proof

Find licensed vendors at:

Step 3: Submit your merchandise request form with proof

If paying with PCard: Use the request form below. All forms will be reviewed within 48 hours. Allow at least a week to start on an apparel/merchandise project with a vendor.

If paying with AggieBuy:E-mail the proof to [email protected] and, once approval is received, attach the approval to the requisition.

Step 4: Order merchandise

An approved merchandise request is the green light to order.

Become a Licensed Vendor

Licensing Administration

Collegiate Licensing Co. (CLC) is Tarleton’s primary licensing agent, responsible for processing license applications, collecting royalty payments and enforcing trademark infractions. All Tarleton licensees must disclose to CLC detailed information about locations where their merchandise is produced.

To become a licensed vendor, go to

Types of Licenses

1. Standard License

Companies and individuals who want to sell retail should apply for a license through CLC. The licensing process can take a couple of months and is very thorough. Direct questions to

2. Internal License

Companies and individuals who want to sell their product exclusively to campus groups such as academic units, university departments and registered student organizations — and do not produce items to be sold retail — should apply for an internal license. Internal licenses are subject to review by Tarleton’s Manager of Licensing and Trademarks. Special consideration goes to historically underrepresented businesses (System Policy 25.06, System Regulation 25.06.01 and Tarleton Rule 25.06.01.T1).

3. Community Connect – Crafter’s License

A crafter’s license is available to individuals who make items at home or in small quantities to be sold at craft fairs and farmers’ markets or online through, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The licensing process can take three weeks. Apply for this license by creating an account and submitting an application on the Community Connect Portal.

Contact [email protected] with any questions or difficulties, or reach out to [email protected].

Partnering with Tarleton

Tarleton State University partners with organizations and businesses through licensing directives, sponsorships, in-kind agreements, donations and community involvement. Any business or organization that appropriates the university’s name, trademarks and/or images will need a partnership with the university.

Each partnership is unique and requires a written agreement. Rights granted under the agreement depend on whether the business is a sponsor, donor, licensee or vendor.

Questions? Contact the Office of Licensing and Trademarks at 254-968-9553 or [email protected].
To partner with the university, call the Business Development Office at 254-968-1840.
To partner in athletics, call the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at 254-968-0551.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a word, name, phrase, symbol or any combination that distinguishes goods or services of one party from those of another. A trademark is a brand name. Rights in trademarks arise from using the marks in commerce to identify the source or origin of goods or services. A trademark remains the property of the owner so long as the owner uses it correctly and protects its authenticity as a trademark.

What qualifies as a Tarleton trademark, logo or symbol?

It can be any name, nickname, abbreviation, word, mascot, slogan, uniform insignia or landmark associated with the university and distinguishable from any other university, team or organization.

Who must be licensed?

Any individual or company if it wants Tarleton’s permission to use its trademarks/logos on products or for services whether wholesale, retail or online. Other activities, such as some noncommercial use of trademarks/logos, may not need to be licensed. Activity that constitutes fair use or free speech does not require a license. Seek legal counsel.

How long does it take to obtain approval?

That depends on the nature and extent of the use being requested, the number of trademarks involved, the number and diversity of products for which the trademark or trademarks will be used, and possibly other factors, such as whether the university sees a need for legal advice. In most cases an answer will be provided in 30 days or less.

What products can be licensed?

Tarleton State University will not license activity that it believes reflects negatively on the university or any of its trademarks, or would be libelous, slanderous, scandalous, offensive, vulgar or constitute an unfair trade practice. Products that include weapons, sexually suggestive statements, profanity or politically charged language will never be licensed.

How can you obtain a licensing application?

Apply for a license agreement directly from CLC.

Does all artwork have to be approved?

Yes, through Brand Manager 360 or sent to [email protected]

How can Tarleton’s trademarks be used with other trademarks (co-branding)?

Any use of university marks with others must be approved by CLC and the Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications (or designee).

Does a student or department need permission to use a trademark?

Yes. Student organizations and university departments must complete the licensing approval form.

If a product is not going to be resold, must it be produced by a licensed vendor?


Are any requests exempt from royalties?

While internal requests are typically royalty-exempt, requests are reviewed case by case with determination made as outlined in Tarleton Standard Administrative Procedure 09.02.99.T0.T1 (Licensing and Use of University Name, Logos, and Trademarks).

How does Tarleton respond if unlicensed merchandise is discovered in the marketplace?

The merchandise may be considered counterfeit or infringing and subject to legal recourse.

When am I able to use Tarleton trademarks?

Any trademark associated with Tarleton may not be used without written permission from the Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications. A detailed written description of the mark’s use and all pertinent information must be provided.

How long do requests take to process?

Typically, up to seven business days.

Where can I obtain a list of licensees?

Is it acceptable to alter a Tarleton trademark?

No. A single improper use does not invalidate a trademark, but repeated misuse likely demands a legal response.

Hope Lindsay

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