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Purpose of These Standards And Guidelines

Why is having a brand important?

Our logos and trademarks serve as a strong visual identity both internally and externally, establishing a basis for consistency and a framework for the integrity of Tarleton State University’s graphic identity.

Standards and guidelines are put in place to ensure consistency, quality, safety, and efficiency in various areas of life, such as industries, organizations, and institutions. The purpose of brand guidelines is to ensure consistency in the brand’s visual and messaging elements across all channels, such as websites, social media, print, and advertising.

  • Brand recognition: By maintaining consistency in the brand’s visual and messaging elements, brand guidelines help establish and reinforce brand recognition among the target audience.
  • Professionalism: Consistent use of the brand’s visual and messaging elements portrays a professional image to the public and helps build trust in the brand.
  • Efficiency: By providing clear guidelines on how to use the brand’s visual and messaging elements, brand guidelines help streamline the creative process, saving time and resources.
  • Brand protection: By setting guidelines on how the brand should be presented, brand guidelines help protect the brand’s reputation and prevent unauthorized use of the brand’s elements.

Maintaining consistent graphic identity standards assures greater recognition and awareness of Tarleton and, subsequently, of its many locations, individual colleges, divisions and enterprises, in addition to establishing a caliber of premium branded presence.

Who Should Use These Guidelines?

These graphic identity standards and guidelines apply to all areas of the university, including:

University Community

  • students, clubs and organizations
  • faculty and staff
  • colleges, departments and divisions
  • athletics
  • all Tarleton locations

Partners of the University

  • businesses and nonprofits
  • alumni groups
  • donors
  • community members

Contracted Vendors

  • contractors
  • freelancers
  • outside printers, vendors, and manufacturers

The university has the right and responsibility to monitor every use in order to protect its graphic identity and brand integrity.

These standards apply to any individual or group acting as an official unit or representative of Tarleton State University in any way. This particularly applies to any use of a Tarleton State University logo or mark for any purpose.