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Who We Are

A brand is this: The perceptions we own and the promise we make.

When communicating about the university, we help shape those perceptions visually, verbally, digitally and in print. Our brand promise is the thing audiences can count on us to deliver.

Through our recent brand refresh, we conducted interviews and focus groups with students, faculty, staff and partners, along with comp analysis and research, which led us to a brand promise that squarely fits who we are today:


This statement means that our unique “purple” offering has a permanent, long-lasting impact; our contributions matter in all we do. It doesn’t go away; it doesn’t fade. Our work lives in perpetuity.

The brand voice, tone, character and actions outlined below should inspire what we create to convey how we are delivering on our brand promise.

OUR BRAND VOICE. Fiercely Passionate with Purpose

OUR BRAND TONE. Brave. Encouraging. Optimistic. Inspirational. Authentic. Credible. Progressive. Intentional.

OUR BRAND CHARACTER. Tenacious Trailblazer

OUR BRAND ACTIONS. Inspire others. Achieve greatness. Challenge the status quo. Pursue passionately. Rise through research. Warmly welcome all. Champion change. Fight for what is right. Rally colleagues. Impact industry and community. Lead with confidence.

TarletonSunriseFullNew1933x1298 1

Our brand personified is predominately HERO. Heroes inspire others to achieve greatness by believing in themselves.

tpwf billboard purple

Consider replacing the word ‘purple’ with another noun that best represents the impact you’re trying to share or communicate.

This discovery won’t fade.

These memories won’t fade.

Our persistence won’t fade.

This hustle won’t fade.

For guidance in using this campaign, please refer to: This Purple Won’t Fade Campaign Guidelines.