Publication Guidelines

The guidelines set here are designed to help you and the Office of Creative & Video Services effectively work together to maintain a high standard of quality for Tarleton publications. We reserve the right to deny a project based on the Project Request Form and copy not being received.

We will see through the completion of all projects with you, coordinate communications with vendors and make sure a finalized project meets the highest possible standard of quality.

The best time to contact us about a print or electronic publication is as soon as you’ve decided that you need one, regardless of how far in the future. Planning early allows us to work your project into our production schedule.

No project will be started without a Project Request Form. Once your request has been received, you will be contacted by the Office of Creative & Video Services to discuss your project. Please allow proper time for the project’s completion (see Planning a Schedule below). This includes design time, proofing stages, printing and extra services.

Planning a Schedule

Please contact us at least six (6) weeks before you need your project in hand. This allows for at least two weeks for design, two weeks for proofing and two weeks for printing.

If you require us to gather photographs or graphics for your project, please begin the process at least eight (8) weeks in advance of your in-hand deadline. Inadequate planning can result in poor quality projects as well as the denial of a project.

Please allow additional time if the nature of the project is complicated or if it requires additional services such as mailing. This will ensure timely delivery.

Please make sure the project is approved and that proper departmental funds are allocated before a project is requested.

Production Schedule

Once you have requested a project, we will develop a Production Schedule for your project. The schedule will include project specifications, and design, proof and print deadlines, which will be shared with you and the graphic designer. Click for a sample of a 6-week production schedule or an 8-week production schedule.

Preparing Copy and Proofreading

No copy will be accepted in writing, only in electronic format.

Do not submit copy formatted with tabs, indents or double spaces after periods. This adds to production time, as they need to be removed before being placed into a project.

The person or office initiating the project bears the primary responsibility of proofreading. Please have all copy proofread and corrected before it comes to our office. Please try to keep alterations to a minimum, as this adds time to the production process.

Use of Artwork and Submitting Photos

The Office of Creative & Video Services maintains responsibility for all design and photo editing. Photos may be requested for use in publications, but if we determine that a submitted photo is of poor quality, or does not fit in with the design, the photo may be rejected and a substitution offered.

Video Services

There are many types of video services our office can provide, including:

  • Create video programs to promote and enhance the vision of Tarleton State University and its Departments
  • Write and, or assist in the process of writing, scripts, storyboards, and visual information for programming.
  • Capture video footage from University events and activities relative to active and upcoming projects.
  • Create or assist in the production of animations and graphics essential to a program’s effectiveness.
  • Edit and composite the elements of a program into the final version.
  • Facilitate the production and streaming of select events to Internet portals.

To request a video project, please submit your request to the Project Request Form.