What we do

  • Aid in creating press releases for both internal and external audiences for the University.
  • Promote events, news, and programs that are of interest to communities outside of Tarleton.
  • Extend the reach of University news and information to larger state and national audiences.
  • Write, or assist in the process of writing, scripts, storyboards, and graphic information for programming.
  • Create video programs to promote and enhance the vision of Tarleton State University and its Departments.
  • Facilitate, edit and composite the production and streaming of select events to Internet portals.

What do I do if the News Media contacts me?

1. Notify Marketing & Communications

Contact Marketing & Communications about the media inquiry, by emailing —- or calling —–. Provide the following details:

  • Reporter name
  • Organization
  • Deadline
  • Topic

If you want Marketing & Communications to contact the reporter for you, additionally provide contact information such as phone number and/or email.

2. Discuss the media inquiry

Marketing & Communications will discuss the media inquiry with you to:

  • Assess potential concerns;
  • Develop a response;
  • Determine whether you would like us to draft materials;
  • Discuss whether you would like us to provide coaching; and
  • Decide whether to hand off the inquiry to us.

3. Develop an appropriate strategy

Work with Marketing & Communications to develop final messages and logistics. Aiming to decide the following factors:

  • Who will talk to the media?
  • What are the key message points we wish to get across?
  • Are there limitations on our response and/or do we need to contact the Office of the General Counsel?

If it is determined that you are the appropriate spokesperson, you will:

  1. Setup the interview—online, via telephone or in person.
  2. Stick to key messages and facts (if responses are sent via email, run them by Marketing& Communications before sending), and
  3. Let us know after the interview how it went and whether you had any surprises or concerns. We’ll determine appropriate follow-up and ensure that you receive a copy of the final media coverage.