Undergraduate Winners:

First Place

Avery Campbell, Gavin McIntosh, Melanie Little: Modeling Supraventricular Tachycardia Using Dynamic Computer-Generated Left Atrium

PI: Dr. Bryant Wyatt

Second Place

Sadie Cohen: Negative and Positive Aspects of Sex Work: Development of Interventions of Safety and Protection

PI: Dr. Ebony Lang

Third Place

Vianey Rangel, Cody Drolet, Erin Davis: Neural Network Models to Predict Minority Voting Behavior in Texas Using the American Community Survey

PI: Dr. Scott Cook

Graduate Winners:

First Place

Marshall Baldwin: Gathering the Needs and Resources of a Community

PI: Dr. Lindsey Marek

Second Place

Samantha McGovern, Lane Smith, Ryon Springer: Effect of Dietary Hempseed Meal on Growth Performance and Dry Matter Intake in Yearling Rough-stock Bulls

PI: Dr. Kimberly Guay

Third Place

Calvin Smith, Dakota Harris, Kase Pennartz: Regional Motor Unit Firing Behaviors of Mono and Bi-articular Leg Extensor Muscles

PI: Dr. Mike Luera