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Before the Kick-Off Meeting

Once the contract is signed by both parties, project set-up can begin. If the proposal is routed in MAESTRO, the REID Project Administrator will request a new account number.

If the proposal is not fully routed, the Project Administrator will send out a new account request form that will require signatures from the Principal Investigator (PI), department head and the vice president before the new account number can be issued.

Once the account number is issued, the project budget is loaded.

During the Kick-Off Meeting

The project administrator will schedule a kick-off meeting with the Principal Investigator and the department budget specialist to discuss the following:

  • Proposal migrated to project in Maestro and documents uploaded
  • Grant account established, Pl IDC account established
  • Personnel and Roles (who is involved in project and responsibilities)
  • Payroll actions needed and time frame discussion with Administration staff
  • Maestro Pl screens and training during kick-off meeting, and additional on-line resources covered
  • Budget review and discussion
  • Indirect Cost and how it works
  • Time & Effort Training, Certification & processes discussed (TrainTraq 211113)
  • Cost Share accounts and how this expense is captured, if applicable
  • Subaward procedures, if applicable
  • Expenditures/Billing/Revenue methods for project and how it works
  • Deliverables due dates and method of submission
  • Close-out processes

After the Kick-Off Meeting

After the kick-off meeting, the Principal Investigator is ready to start the research project.

Project Administrators are responsible for assisting Principal Investigators by checking for allowability of expenses and for working with Principal Investigators and sponsors to obtain permission or modify budgets as necessary. Project administrators and PI’s will monitor the account balance to make sure funds are available for expenses and that expenses fall within the terms of the agreement. Project Administrators also assist in monitoring the end-date of an agreement and Maestro sends email to PI to select if a project will complete at scheduled end date, or if an extension is needed.

The Project Administrators and the REID team are available to answer questions, assist with financial reports, and contractual matters.

Photo Courtesy of Christina Morillo.