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FY 2024 PERS Call for Proposals


The President’s Excellence in Research Scholars initiative seeks to provide internal seed-grant funding for faculty-led student research, which will provide innovative learning experiences through research, technology, and other resources. PERS is administered by the Division of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development (RIED) through a competitive review process, under the advisement of the university’s Research Council, and final approval of the Vice President for RIED. The awardees are expected to seek external seed funding opportunities based on the results of their internal grant(s), as appropriate for their disciplines.


  • Engage students in research to enhance their experiential learning experience under the guidance of Tarleton Faculty/Research Staff.
  • Support meritorious research
  • Strengthen the research environment of Tarleton
  • Generate data for external funding.

Deadline: Complete proposals are due March 22, 2024. No late applications will be accepted.

Applications should be submitted to [email protected]

Forms and Guidelines for Use by FY 2024 PERS Applicants