You can share your event to any calendar group available, and the owner will determine if it is approved. If your event is held in a facility with its own calendar group (e.g. “FACILITY: Library”) share your event to that group.

If you are an owner on additional calendar groups, you’ll see an Auto-accept as live option which you can check before submitting to ensure you don’t have to approve your own event on multiple calendar groups. 

Submit your event to the Tarleton homepage

We encourage you to let us know what you want promoted on the Tarleton homepage by also selecting “Homepage Feature” on your important events. Please make sure there is a call to action and photo to make it engaging.

Calendar groups you should not share to

There are some calendar groups you should not be sharing to. These calendar groups will never approve your events:

  • Any calendar denoted “DONOTUSE”:
    • DONOTUSE: Admin
    • DONOTUSE: LiveWhale
    • DONOTUSE: Tarleton
  • Any calendar denoted “PRIVATE”
  • Public