RSVP Function for Small Events

If you do not need a whole lot of information from your attendees and the event is free, we recommend that you use the RSVP functionality of LiveWhale instead of our usual form builder, MachForms. If you are using another service(e.g. Cvent, EventBrite, Target X Events), use the call to action button to encourage them to register online.

The new Appointment feature in RSVP forms allows you to block a certain event time out and divide it into time slot sections that your potential attendees can select instead. You can add current appointment slots typing and reviewing the auto-fill options or by selecting Show all times to choose them. You can create new appointment slots by typing them into the Appointments field and pressing Enter. Make sure they are in the following format: hh:mm AM/PM – hh:mm AM/PM.


Each RSVP form has the following form fields by default:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Comments
  • Number of attendees

If you would like your attendees to provide additional information, use the Special Instructions field and ask them to add it to the Comments form field.


You can provide an automated email response when your attendees submit their RSVP. You can also be notified when the RSVPs are submitted, or check back to LiveWhale’s Toolbox menu, under Event RSVPs where they will be listed with all the new entries.

Limiting RSVPs

You can decide how many attendees may RSVP as well as create a waiting list for overflow. If your attendees can bring guests, you should provide a maximum number of attendees.

If you do not want responses coming from potentially fake accounts, you can limit them to specific email addresses or domains (e.g., to ensure they are Tarleton students, faculty, staff, etc.

Management Event Registrations

In LiveWhale’s Toolbox menu, under Event RSVPs, you can manage registrants for your events. This provide options to manage confirmed and waitlisted attendees by allowing you to:

  • Cancel, un-cancel, and delete reservation options
  • Mark registrants as having attended or not attended
  • Print off a list of registrants
  • Export the registrant to CSV
  • Email all registrants
  • Add notes about specific registrants for event usage

Exporting the Registrant List to CSV

LiveWhale allows you to export the registrant list to a CSV file which you can edit and print out for your own use. If you need to perform a mail merge with the information, you may notice that the first and last name are combined on the CSV file. View Microsoft Office’s simple instructions for splitting the name inside Excel.