Event Location

Each event can display only one main location, since that location appears in the map on the event detail page.

Depending on the complexity on your event, you may want to

  • create multiple events to display the event in these various locations and link to each event in the description of the event or 
  • create a single event that lists out the agenda with the location underneath each agenda item and its date/time

Predefined Locations (Global Locations)

Most locations are predefined in the LiveWhale calendar system, since we’ve added functionality with our campus map to the event detail pages. To use predefined locations, simply type the first word into the Event location field to see the auto-fill options appear. You can also select Show all locations to pick one.

The Office Hours event type was added to assist you in providing a specific area that displayed your operational hours, if needed. Keep in mind that for some events, you will want to use multiple categories such as Office Hours and Audience: Members Only to keep redundant events from appearing on the Public Calendar.

Adding New Locations (Local Locations)

If your event is off-campus or an atypical location on campus, you will likely need to add a new location, unless you’ve already added it and can find it under Show all locations. New locations can be saved into your Local Locations, which will only appear in your calendar group.

If you can’t find the location in your listing, erase everything in the Event location field, and select Plot this event on the map?. This will give you a new field Address, ZIP, coordinates, or other location info (“Golden Gate Bridge,” etc.) for mapping, which will allow you to enter the address of the location.

Even if you don’t know the address (or there isn’t a mailing address connected to your location), you can pick an address you know close by and drag the pin on the map to the exact location you want to hold your event at. If your location is still not in the map view, drag the pin against one of the sides of the map to make it move over to your desired location.

Once you have found the right spot, enter the name of the location as you would want to select it in your Local Locations on the Location Title. Do not use the address already in there.

If this is a location you want to reuse for multiple events in the future, select Save location. Once you have submitted your event, that location will be saved.

Using “TSU” in Event Descriptions, Location Names, and Other Event Details

We are Tarleton State! However, we are often confused with other universities who use “TSU” such as Texas Southern University and Texas State University. While it is ok to use “TSU” on campus, external audiences (e.g. emails, social media, news articles, or websites) will not understand we are different from those who may be getting negative news that accidentally gets associated with Tarleton.

 The Texas A&M University System has provide us with naming conventions to reduce this confusion. When promoting Tarleton on anything going to external relations, use only “Tarleton” or “Tarleton State University”.

Please check through your event titles, descriptions, locations, and anywhere else that you may have “TSU” in the LiveWhale calendar system. If you do not know how “TSU” was placed in a particular area, please feel free to contact University Web Strategy for assistance.