A calendar view is (a) the way the events are displayed on a page and (b) the criteria for displaying events.

How events are displayed

This system allows us to display events on our old and new, responsive template pages in a variety of ways.

Our most common displays are

  • Calendar listings: these have the search bar, options to filter by categories/tags/day/week/month/all, and they list out all the events with an option to show 50 more
  • Event listings: these are embedded into departmental websites with the top 6 or so upcoming events and often link to the calendar listings for the full list of events

However, we can certainly create more specialized displays such as

  • Office hours / Hours of operation: these may display events specific to that day’s event listing only
  • Archived events: these allow you to display past events that you want your audience to be able to review

What criteria can be used to display events

The flexibility of the LiveWhale calendar system allows us to do a lot of amazing things. For example,

  • Display your department’s events: by default, your calendar group has all your events which can be displayed
  • Display events specific to an audience: filter the events down by event type (or category) such as
    • Audience (e.g. Students, Faculty, Alumni, General Public, Parents)
    • Location (e.g. Stephenville, Fort Worth, Waco)
    • Event type (e.g. Arts and Entertainment, Lectures and Speakers, Deadlines)
  • Display events specific to a program, series, or conference: filter events down by a tag

Contact University Web Services about a custom calendar view for your events.