Event types are LiveWhale’s categories. These are not to be confused with calendar groups or tags. Event types aid a calendar viewer with determining the type of event they are interested in attending. Any event may have one or more designated event type.

Audience Types

Audience types are meant to determine to whom an event should be directed. It is not used for telling certain audiences to promote an event to another audience, so keep it limited to the intended audience types. There are eight audience types to choose from and multiple can be selected:

Audience Locations

Audience locations are meant to aid individuals looking for events that are designated for specific campus locations. Some events will requireall audience locations to be selected, such as certain academic calendar events (e.g. enrollment an payment deadlines). The five audience location types correspond with Tarleton’s five campus locations:

  1. Audience: Stephenville
  2. Audience: Fort Worth
  3. Audience: Waco
  4. Audience: Global Campus-Online

Other Event Types

All other categories are actual event types. In all, there are 15 other event types:

  1. Arts and Entertainment: These can include art exhibits, musical/theatrical events, movie showings, etc.
  2. Athletics: Tarleton NCAA events such as football or volleyball games
  3. Deadlines
  4. Enrollment and Registration
  5. Holidays: Special university/office closures
  6. K-12 Activities and Camps
  7. Key Important Events: These are university-wide promoted events that involve planning and participation from the entire university.
  8. Lectures and Speakers
  9. Meetings and Fundraisers
  10. Office Hours: These can be operational or extended hours
  11. Open Houses and Tours
  12. Receptions and Mixers
  13. Scheduled Maintenance
  14. Sports and Recreation: This can include health and wellness events, non-NCAA sports events, etc.
  15. Training and Conferences

The Office Hours event type was added to assist you in providing a specific area that displayed your operational hours, if needed. Keep in mind that for some events, you will want to use multiple categories such as Office Hours and Audience: Members Only to keep redundant events from appearing on the Public Calendar.