A calendar group is a major list of events in the LiveWhale calendar system that has its own user accesscalendar viewstagslocations, and more.

Groups are organized by a variety of ways:

  • Division (e.g. Academic Affairs)
  • Audience (e.g. Faculty and Staff Life, Alumni Life)
  • Colleges and their Departments, Programs, and Centers (e.g. COE: Education, COE DEPT: Kinesiology, COE PROGRAM: Educator Preparation Service COE CENTER: Texas Center for Educational Facilities)
  • Facilities (e.g. FACILITY: Fine Arts Center, FACILITY: Library, FACILITY: Planetarium, FACILITY: Recreational Sports Center)
  • Locations (e.g. LOCATION: Fort Worth, LOCATION: Gordon Center, LOCATION: Langdon Center, LOCATION: Midlothian, LOCATION: Waco)
  • Major Event (e.g. FESTIVAL: Family Weekend, FESTIVAL: Graduation, FESTIVAL: Homecoming, FESTIVAL: Langdon Review, FESTIVAL: Orientation, FESTIVAL: Transition Week)
  • Organizations (e.g. ORG: Tarleton Ambassadors)
  • Service (e.g. Academic Calendar, ACADEMIC CALENDAR: Final Exams, Athletics, Philanthropy, Research, Summer Camps)

LiveWhale calendar system provide unlimited calendar groups, but sometimes events can or should remain in another calendar group marked by a particular tag. Contact University Web Strategy for consultation on calendar ideas.