Any event may have related content attached to assist attendees with understanding the event or providing them with important information needed for attending the event (e.g. parking information, maps, signage for move-in). Use these in moderation; the more related content you add, the more buttons on the side of the event detail page. This can cause confusion due to the blank space.

PDF versions of event fliers are not necessary on descriptions or related content, as this information can be described in as much detail as needed on the event’s description.

Example of related content:

  • Events: Do not use the related events option; these cause deformities in the display of the event and is a structural issue that LiveWhale admin are working to fix
  • Files: Only PDF documents are allowed. You may combine documents into one PDF (e.g. an event packet) to reduce confusion for viewers
  • Web Addresses: You may provide more information regarding an event or other key events from the calendar. Event webpages are discouraged, since the event information should be specific to events in the LiveWhale calendar and we can customize the events to display a full list in one link