What are the Differences Among the Privacy Options?

There has been some confusion over what is a “private” event or private calendar. You should typically be using the “Everyone” option under the Privacy options at the bottom of the edit screen for an event, and making sure you have one of the appropriate Event Types selected. Most of the other options would require logging into the LiveWhale calendar system.

Private Event Types

The Public Calendar pulls events off all calendar groups automatically except for any calendar group you specify with us should not have events pulled, or any events with the following event types (categories) selected:

  • Audience: Members Only – used strictly for private calendar events that only people in your program should know about.
  • Audience: By Invite Only – used for any events that you want people to know need an invitation to be allowed to attend.
 Note that these event types are aggregate. For example, if you select Audience: Members Only and Audience: Students, the event will not appear on the Public Calendar, nor on the Student Engagement & Success calendar just because Audience: Students was selected. The Public Calendar will be the most prominent and accessible calendar, and will only collect your calendar group’s events that do not fall under the criteria mentioned above.

Using multiple event types allows you to create more and more specific calendar lists (smaller and smaller sets). They will not override the previous conditions that are programmed in.

Privacy Options

Events you only want a specific set of individuals to see can be given a private link. Under Privacy Options, you can select Anyone with the link.

All other events should be set at Everyone.