Degree Plans

House Bill 3025 requires submission of a degree plan upon completion of 45 semester credit hours. It is important to file a degree plan as soon as possible to ensure you are registering for the correct courses for your degree, as well as to stay on track for graduation.

All signatures are required before the form will be processed. It will take a minimum of one week for the form to reach the Office of the Registrar.

Students may file a Degree Plan Acknowledgment Form by using one of the following options:

Visit Your Departmental Advisor

Your department advisor will provide you the degree plan form and will assist you in obtaining authorized signatures and completing the form. Completed forms are forwarded to the Office of the Registrar. Use the online directory to look up academic department contact information.

Seek Assistance from Academic Advising Services

Academic Advising Services are available in the Thompson Student Center.

Students located at one of our off-campus locations need to contact an advisor representing the campus:

Additional Information

For questions regarding degree plans please email the Office of the Registrar or call us at 254-968-9121, or visit us in person at Texan Services in the Tarleton Center.