National Student Clearinghouse

In partnership with Tarleton State University, the National Student Clearinghouse provides enrollment verification for insurance purposes, military I.D. cards, student loans, etc.

The National Student Clearinghouse’s Degree Verify also allows students, alumni and employers to obtain secure automated verifications for employment purposes. This information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it’s the fastest and easiest way to confirm academic or degree data. The service is free of charge to all current students, former students and Tarleton alumni.

Each month, Tarleton State University submits secure electronic student enrollment information to the National Student Clearinghouse to update student enrollment status. These updates include added/dropped courses, withdrawals or being withdrawn from the university.

The National Student Clearinghouse offers services to assist students to track student loans and obtain verification of in-school status. Students may contact the National Student Clearinghouse at 703-742-4200 or [email protected] for additional enrollment information.

Student Self-Service

Students may perform the following functions through the National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service feature:

  • Print enrollment verification certificates for health insurers and other organizations
  • View enrollment history and proofs of enrollment sent on your behalf to student service providers
  • Check deferment notices sent to your student lenders
  • Link to real-time information on your student loans
  • Get a list of your student loan holders

The National Student Clearinghouse Free Student Self-Service Enrollment Verification link is accessed via myGateway. Follow the instructions below to access Student Self-Service and print an enrollment certificate.

  1. Log onto myGateway using your Gateway ID and password. If you have forgotten or disabled your myGateway password, please email the Help Desk or dial 254-968-9885.
  2. Select DuckTrax
  3. Select the “Online Services & Financial Aid” link
  4. Select the “Enrollment Verification” link (this will direct you to the Clearinghouse website)

Once you have been directed to the National Student Clearinghouse website:

  1. Select “Current Enrollment” or “All Enrollment” and then select “Obtain an enrollment certificate” link to view your enrollment information. Check Enrollment Status tables below to see how many hours are required to be considered a full-time, half-time or less than half time student
  2. Print your enrollment certificate
  3. You may select the various other links to view additional enrollment information and information regarding your student loans

The National Student Clearinghouse is acting as Tarleton State University’s agent for providing enrollment verification data to third-party verifiers such as lenders for loan deferment verification purposes. These verifications are handled by the lenders using online access to the Clearinghouse. Students should refer lenders to the National Student Clearinghouse at 703-742-4200 or [email protected].

Below are the required credit hours to be certified as a full-time (FT), half-time (HT), or less than half-time (LT) undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student for a long semester (fall or spring), and for the summer terms.

Enrollment Status Definitions


StatusCredit Hours
Full-time12 or more hours
Three-quarter time9-11 hours
Half-time6-8 hours
Less than half-time1-4 hours


StatusCredit Hours
Full-time7 or more hours
Half-time4-6 hours
Less than half-time1-4 hours


StatusCredit Hours
Full-time9 or more hours
Half-time5-8 hours
Less than half-time1-4 hours


StatusCredit Hours
Full-time6 or more hours
Half-time3-5 hours
Less than half-time1-2 hours

Enrollment status for the summer semester is determined by the total number of credit hours the student is registered for the entire summer term.

Additional Information

If you have questions regarding enrollment verifications or information reported to the National Student Clearinghouse please email the Office of the Registrar dial us at 254-968-9121.