Preliminary Course Schedule

It is the goal of the Office of the Registrar to assist our academic departments in preparing the class schedule and providing our students with accurate course offerings. It is important that the academic departments add/edit their course schedule changes by the deadline to ensure an accurate class schedule is published for our students in a timely and efficient manner prior to registration.

Important Deadlines for SPRING 2024 Schedule

Department heads or their designee should carefully review their class schedule from July through September to ensure all major changes have been updated prior to October 9, 2023 before being made available to their college dean. The Office of the Registrar will monitor progress and send reminder notifications.

College Deans or their designee may review the preliminary schedule through Texan Facts at any time to see changes have been made by the Office of the Registrar or the Departments. After September 1st, leading up to October 9, the preliminary course schedule is in final review and should include only minor changes before final publishing.

Schedule StatusDeadlines
CompleteAugust 11, 2023
PublishSeptember 18, 2023
RegistrationOctober 9, 2023

The Spring 2024 schedule is set to publish Monday September 18, 2023 for student view. Official registration for Spring 2023 begins Monday October 9, 2023. Make all changes to the class schedule by September 1st through Banner.

If you need assistance, please email [email protected] to ensure correct course listings.

Lori Algood

  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (COANR)
  • College of Business (COB)
  • College of Liberal and Fine Arts (COLFA)

Lilyan Fowler 

  • College of Education (COE)
  • College of Health Sciences (CHS)
  • College of Science & Mathematics (COSM)
  • Mayfield College of Engineering (MCOE)

Schedule Building Procedure Manual

Preliminary Schedule Checklist

As you review your schedule, remember to check the following items:

  1. Review your maximum enrollment numbers and the rooms your sections are assigned to.
    • Improvement of campus wide room and institutional utilization is very important. Reviewing this information will assist the university in meeting our scheduling needs, as well as give utilization the attention it needs.
  2. Review all sections to ensure all sections have an assigned meeting day, time and classroom.
    • For reporting purposes, our office is required to assign all sections that have enrollments with a meeting day and time.
    • Review online courses to make sure that each grouping includes the following sections:
      • Stephenville Campus (S campus code, building code of ONLINE and section text of STEPHENVILLE CAMPUS STUDENTS ONLY).
      • Distance Learner Campus (O campus code, building code of OCCOL and section text of FT WORTH, WACO, & DISTANCE LEARNER STUDENTS ONLY). 
      • Texas A&M-RELLIS campus code, building code of OCCOL, and text of Texas A&M-RELLIS students only.
  3. Review beginning/ending times to ensure there are no conflicts. Please remember to use the approved meeting days/times when scheduling your classes.
    • Overlapping beginning and ending times may create conflicts for students and will not allow them to register for particular course sections in DuckTrax.
  4. Use “DO NOT PRINT” for courses you would like to exclude from the PDF copy of the schedule (Registrar’s website) and online schedule (DuckTrax).
  5. Indicate if any of your courses should be “Writing Intensive Courses”. Visit the Writing Intensive Program website for a list of all approved writing intensive courses. For a course to be considered writing intensive, it must be reviewed by the Curriculum and Writing Intensive committees and be approved by Academic Council.
    • Only upper-level, curriculum approved courses can be given the “Writing Intensive” (WI) designation to generate the writing intensive fee.
  6. Ensure all seminar, topics, and problems courses have an accurate title.
    • Does the content vary according to the needs of the students? If so, does the title need to be changed?
  7. Indicate if any courses should be set up as “Online”
    • Online courses are lectures that are taught by online instruction. 
  8. Indicate if any courses should be cross-listed.
    • Cross-listed courses are approved courses that are scheduled in the same room, with the same instructor and held at the same time. If changes to enrollment maximums have been made to sections that are cross-listed, please contact your Schedule Coordinator so the cross-listed maximum enrollment can be updated. If the cross-listed max enrollment is not updated, students may experience problems when registering.
  9. Indicate the days/dates in which certain classes may meet if they have an alternating hybrid pattern (i.e. class that meets on every other Saturday).
    • Special arrangements may have to be made when creating these course sections so that registration is not interrupted for students who have to register for a group of courses that have these alternating meeting patterns.

Helpful Hints

  1. All changes must be made in Banner by the appropriate deadline. After the schedule has been pushed to Banner, it is highly recommended that the Texan Facts course preschedule report be used when reviewing schedule changes. Use the report as a working document to track any changes, mark for updates, review and edit before doing the work in Banner – it will make the actual entry into Banner much smoother.
  2. If any revisions have to be made to the schedule after the August 11th, 2023 deadline, the Schedule Change Form can be submitted to
    [email protected] so the proper changes can be updated.
  3. Changes cannot be made to the following items after the schedule is published and registration has started without canceling the current section and adding a new one, therefore, creating a new CRN. Changing this information after publishing the schedule and after registration has started may cause discrepancies with reporting as well as conflicts in student schedules.
    1. Schedule type (Lecture, Lab, Seminar, Practicum, etc.)
      • Part of Term (16 week, 1st 5- weeks, 2nd 5- weeks, etc.)
      • Changing credit hours
      • Section number
      • Instructional method (face-to-face, online, ITV, etc.)
      • Course Title
    2. Canceling Sections
      • The CRN is deleted during the scheduling process (prior to the schedule being published online)
      • After registration beings, sections are canceled, and the registered students are dropped and notified by email. All canceled sections are deleted from the schedule.
    3. Problem Courses (Independent Study)
      • Topics must be included
    4. Notify your point of contact of any changes that need to be made to the instructors, room locations, etc. that happen while the semester is in progress so that the schedule may reflect accurate information. Once classes being, departments should not change anything within Banner, doing so may cause serious issues for students, fee assessment and reporting to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Other Important Dates

View the 2023 academic calendar for important dates, such as finals and holidays.

Additional Information

If you have questions or need additional information regarding the class schedule, please email [email protected]