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Application Status

After receiving your application and required items, admission decisions are typically made in 3 days.

Once you have submitted your admission application, check your application status.

See if you have the required items missing, and learn how to submit your missing items here.

Check Your Application Status

Visit myGateway student portal to check the status of your application. You will need your University ID number (UID) to log in. Your password will be set to your birthday (MMDDYY with no dashes).

How to Check Your Application Status

Once you log in, you will see Processed Applications. Choose your admission term.

Next, you’ll see the Application Summary. Your Application Status will state one of the following.

A. Decision Made

B. Incomplete Items Outstanding- See the list and review the list of items. Items that do not have a received date are “missing”.

C. Complete Ready for Review- your application is ready for review and the decision is pending.

How to Submit Your Missing Items

wdt_ID Type of Document: How to Submit the Document to our Office for Processing
1 $50 Application
Pay your application fee.
2 Submit Fee Waiver Documentation
Review eligibility for a fee waiver. If you do not meet the qualifications, pay your application fee.
3 All High School Transcripts
Request your high school counselor to send an official transcript to us. Transcripts must come directly from the high school and cannot be emailed from the student. Homeschool transcripts must be notarized and sent from the “school administrator” or whoever is creating and managing the homeschool transcript.
4 High School Tran-through Jr Yr
Request your high school counselor to send us an official transcript which includes your junior year with class rank and/or GPA and graduation program.
5 High School Tran-1st sem Sr Yr
We are requesting an updated transcript because your GPA/class rank does not initially meet admission requirements. Once the first semester of your senior year is complete, request an updated official transcript be sent to us. Your application will be on hold until we receive the updated transcript. If you have taken the ACT or SAT, please order your official scores sent to us and your application will be reevaluated upon receipt.
6 High School Graduation Date
Request your high school counselor to send us an official transcript which includes your graduation date.
7 Early Graduation Verification
If you are graduating high school early, please request your counselor email [email protected] stating your graduation status.
8 Missing High School Rank
Request your high school counselor email [email protected] with your rank.
9 Missing:
- GPA/Scale
- Algebra 2
- HS Graduation Program Type
Request your high school counselor to email [email protected] with:
- your GPA and GPA scale
- if you are taking or will take Algebra 2 before you graduate
- your graduation program type (distinguished, etc.)
10 Proof of Bachelor's Degree
Order an official transcript sent to us from the school where you received your bachelor's degree.
Type of Document: How to Submit the Document to our Office for Processing

Additional Information

If you want to withdraw your application for admission, please complete the Application Withdrawal Request Form.

If you are currently registered for courses, please email the Office of the Registrar or call 254-968-9417 for proper withdrawal procedures. The Office of Admissions will not withdraw your application if you are registered in courses.

Your admission to Tarleton State University is specified for a certain semester and you must enroll during that term, which includes the summer session. Please review change of semester entry if you need to postpone attendance.

If a student does not meet minimum admission criteria, the student may appeal the decision by completing an appeal form. Email [email protected] or call 800-687-8236 to determine eligibility for an appeal.