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Program for System Admission (PSA)

The Program for System Admission (PSA) is offered by Texas A&M to incoming Freshman who were denied admission to TAMU as a pathway for admission to TAMU-College Station after successful completion of their first year in college at one of Texas A&M University’s System Institutions.

Eligibility for PSA

  • Must have a completed freshman application on file with the Office of Admissions & Records at Texas A&M University – College Station for the given fall semester by their deadline.
  • Must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Texas A&M Institution they wish to attend.
  • Students in the top 50% of their high school graduating class, as determined by TAMU.
  • SAT/ACT scores for Fall 2021 are not required for an admission decision; however, we strongly encourage students to have official SAT/ACT scores sent to Tarleton for scholarship and TSI exemption purposes.

If Tarleton is not listed in the TAMU Applicant Information System (AIS) portal as a selection for the student’s PSA institution, the student will need to speak to TAMU about why they do not meet requirements. Tarleton cannot waive these requirements

PSA Admission Requirements

  • Candidate must choose and complete specific course requirements from one of the approved Texas A&M University – College Station program specific degree plans
  • Complete at least 24 transferable hours in residency at a single Texas A&M University System Institution after high school graduation and by the end of the spring semester of their first year of college
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA at the system school AND maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA on all transferable coursework (including dual credit taken during high school)
  • Submit the transfer application along with all the required documents by the March 1 deadline

Engineering applicants must maintain a 3.25 system institution GPA and a 3.0 overall to guarantee admission. Please note, some engineering majors require a 3.25 GPA overall.

PSA Questions and Videos

Please see our videos below, which cover a broad range of topics and may assist in answering some frequently asked questions regarding the Program for System Admissions (PSA). You can navigate between the different videos and topics by selecting the question below, which will take you to the corresponding video for that topic.

Students who select PSA majors requiring MATH 2413, PHYS 1401, or CHEM 1411 must complete the college-level prerequisite prior to starting their fall semester. Please review the “Am I College Ready in Math?”, “Are There Any Special Requirements on Certain Plans?”, and “What is the Prerequisite for Chem 1411?” videos for more detailed information. If you have any questions about these prerequisites, contact your PSA Advisor at [email protected] as soon as possible.

What is the Program for System Admission (PSA)?

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What If PSA is Not for Me?

Am I College Ready in Math?

PSA students must complete the required prerequisite for their PSA major and provide the official transcript prior to the first day of classes. If the prerequisite is not completed, the student will have to opt-out of the Program for System Admission (PSA) or change their major to a PSA major that does not require a prerequisite.

What is the Prerequisite for Chem 1411?

Are There Any Special Requirements on Certain Plans?

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Can I Stay at Tarleton?

This information was last updated in January, 2020. Please contact TAMU at 979-845-1060 or [email protected], or email the PSA Advisor or PSA Coordinator at Tarleton for the most up-to-date information.

PSA and Texas A&M-RELLIS Campus

Program for System Admission (PSA) students must take PSA-related courses established by Texas A&M University (TAMU) – all first year courses at RELLIS are offered by Blinn College; therefore, RELLIS is not a participating system institution in PSA.

No first-year courses will be offered by the System institutions at RELLIS.

A student in the PSA program would have to study at the institution’s home campus or other site at which that institution offers first-year courses.