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Start your Texan Comeback today!

Are you returning to Tarleton after not attending for a spring or fall semester?

  • Are you returning to Tarleton after not attending for a spring or fall semester?

If you answered yes, then you are considered a returning student!

Requirements for Admission

The following requirements must be met:

  • Submit an application for readmission.
  • Be in good academic standing at Tarleton and any other college or university attended.
  • Meet the cumulative GPA and credit requirements:
GPACreditTSI CompleteCampuses Eligible to Attend
2.0024 transferrable creditsYesStephenville, Fort Worth, Waco, Texas A&M-RELLIS, online campuses
2.5012- 23 transferrable creditsN/AStephenville campus
2.001- 23 transferrable credits (plus meet high school requirements)N/AStephenville campus

Requirements are subject to changes as outlined by the Academic Standards Committee.

Transferable credit is college-level academic credit completed at a regionally accredited institution. Credits considered developmental, remedial, technical, or vocational will not transfer for admission purposes. Students wishing to utilize technical or vocational courses should consult an advisor.

Credit completed at a non-regionally accredited institution may be reviewed for articulation at the student’s request. Credit must be considered academic and the instructor is required to hold a minimum of 18 graduate credits in the course discipline.

The student will be required to submit the following information:

  • Documentation from the institution stating the instructor of the course as well as their curriculum vitae/educational background.
  • Contact information of who provided the above documentation.
  • Any additional documentation requested by Transfer Services.

Documentation may be delivered via the following methods:

  • Emailed to [email protected]
  • Mailed to Transfer Services Box T-0030 Stephenville, TX 76402
  • Delivered in person to any campus.

Application Deadlines

Undergraduate Returning Student
TermEnforced Deadline
Summer 2023June 30
Fall 2023 1st 8-WeekAugust 4
Fall 2023 2nd 8-WeekOctober 10
Student Worker Web Services 6013 1

Returning Student Resources

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