Become a Tutor

With our supportive staff, flexible hours, College of Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) based tutor training program, you will find the TLC to be a positive work experience. Few other campus jobs offer TSU students the opportunity to engage in such pre-professional work. Because of this, TLC takes the matter of professionalism by its tutorial staff seriously.

TLC Tutors are Expected to:

  • promote student inquiry through active learning techniques
  • organize & manage a successful tutorial session from start to finish
  • model positive academic skills
  • grow TLC’s positive reputation at TSU
  • provide excellent customer service


The TLC is always looking for qualified individuals to join our team. We query student grades and send out a mass recruitment notification through EAB after mid-term exams in the fall and spring semesters. We also listen to and consider instructor recommendations for potential tutors.

Peer Tutor

We are currently accepting applications for multiple courses based on demand from students on campus. In order to apply for these positions, you must have in mind what course(s) you would like to tutor and the Tutoring and Learning Center will check for the demand on campus. For these course(s), you must have maintained an “A” or in certain cases a “B” provided your GPA and background within that discipline is strong.

Additional expectations:

  • Provide assistance to students with quality course content knowledge that will help them be successful in classes that have a high demand.
  • Provide students with study skill strategies that will help them study more efficiently in courses.
  • Motivate student to succeed in their endeavors to master the class with a C or better.

How to Become a Peer Tutor for The Tutoring and Learning Center

Tutors for The Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) are students who excel academically, have exceptional interpersonal skills, and are motivated by a desire to help their fellow TSU students. The TLC hires tutors in a variety of subjects based on demand that semester. The application does not list every subject, so please list your preference under the tab “other”.

The minimum requirements for becoming a tutor are:

  • Current enrollment as an TSU student
  • A’s or B’s in the courses you’ll tutor
  • A consistent overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Availability to participate in training sessions
  • Must be able to devote an entire semester to being employed as a tutor

If you meet the requirements above, we encourage you to apply for a position as a Peer Tutor.

If you have questions about the position, you may visit us at the Dick Smith Library, the Lower Level, Suite 10 (Office B10A), email [email protected] or call the office at (254) 968-9293.