The Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) offers our tutoring services virtually using GoBoard from Tutor Matching Services. All tutored courses are listed on our webpage and updated each semester. 

There are two ways to navigate to online tutoring:

1) Follow your unique link given to you when you make your online tutoring appointment. 

2) Go to Enter your existing GoBoard ID (given when you schedule your appointment).

You will click “I’m a student” and enter your Name and Tarleton Email.

For each course you schedule online tutoring you will be given a unique GoBoard link/ID for you and your tutor to connect with on Tarleton’s GoBoard account. 

You will use your unique GoBoard link/ID each time you meet with your tutor, all prior tutoring sessions will be available at this link. A pdf document with all the written whiteboard notes from your tutoring session will be sent to your Tarleton email at the end of each session for you to reference anytime. All sessions are recorded for the safety of our students and tutors and monitored by TLC staff. These video recordings are not available for students, however, using the “Start QuickClip” feature, you can record any portion of your tutoring session to keep for your reference. 


Using GoBoard as a collaboration tool:

As a TSU student you are able to create a GoBoard to connect to other TSU students. Simply go to and create a new GoBoard. You will still select “I’m a student”.

Contact the Tutoring and Learning Center for more information about what GoBoard can do.

Scheduling an Online Tutoring Appointment

Do you want to make a tutoring appointment? Contact our tutoring office by calling 254-968-9293 (if after hours please leave a message) or emailing [email protected]

Fort Worth: please see the Fort Worth student services webpage for more information.

If you would like to explore the features of GoBoard on your own, possibly before your appointment, follow these steps:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click “Create a new GoBoard” and then “I’m a Student” 
  3. Enter your name and Tarleton email and start exploring

Helpful Information to Know When Scheduling Appointments

  • Your student ID number
  • Your campus location
  • The course number and subject (Example: PSYC 2317, Stats Methods in Psychology)
  • Your Tarleton email address (third party emails such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc may block emails from TSU servers to junk/spam filters).
  • Your student schedule
  • Times when you will be available for tutoring
  • Your preferred method of tutoring interaction (on campus or online)

Canceling or Changing Your Appointment

If you need to change or cancel your online tutoring appointment, please view our cancellation procedures to do so. 

Texans 4 Texans Tutoring Services:
[email protected]