How to Schedule, Cancel, or Change a Tutoring Session

Scheduling a Tutoring Appointment

The Tutoring Office is located in the Dick Smith Library Learning Commons, on the lower level, suite 10.

Students may schedule an appointment by:

Helpful Information to Know When Scheduling Appointments

  • Your student ID number
  • Your campus location
  • The Course Number and Subject (Example: CHEM 1411, General Chemistry I)
  • Your Tarleton Email address (Third party emails such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc may block emails from Tarleton servers to junk/spam filters).
  • Your student schedule
  • Times when you will be available for tutoring
  • Your preferred tutoring interaction (on campus or online)

Canceling or Changing a Tutoring Appointment

Tutoring services are free to Tarleton students. Some tutor schedules fill up very quickly. Each student is required to sign a tutor contract prior to their first scheduled appointment. Repeated changes or cancellations of appointments ties up those scheduled time slots on the tutoring calendar, and deprives services to other Tarleton students. For this reason, we ask you to adhere to our cancellation procedures.

The TLC reserves the right to remove students with two unexcused cancellations in a semester from the tutoring calendar .

The TLC will cancel or change tutoring appointments (by phone, in person, or email) if the change is made by 5pm the business day prior to the scheduled appointment. All other alterations to the schedule will be considered unexcused cancellations. 

Call, Email, or stop by the tutoring office no later than 5pm the business day prior to your scheduled appointment.

If no one is in the office or we are busy please leave a voicemail. All of our voicemail is time and date stamped, as are emails.

Last minute emergency cancellations will only be approved by a TLC Coordinator or Graduate Assistant on a case by case basis.