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Transfer Student Registration

All incoming transfer students must be advised. Those with less than 12 hours must attend a Texan Orientation.

Requirements for Transfer Students with Less than 12 Hours

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements must be met prior to receiving an invitation to Texan Orientation. 

Complete Texan Orientation

New transfer students with less than 12 transferable hours and all first-time freshman students will need to successfully complete Texan Orientation prior to registering for courses. 

Get Advised

Students will be advised at Texan Orientation 

Students may contact the Student Involvement, Spirit, Tradition, & Family Relations at 254-968-9490[email protected], or visit the Orientation website.

Requirements for Transfer Students with More than 12 Hours

New transfer students with 12 or more transferable hours must meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for courses. Transfer students on the Stephenville campus with 12 transferable hours must meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising Center (Thompson Student Center, Room 34) or academic department.

If you will transfer to Fort Worth, Waco, or Global Campus, you can look up your campus advisor.

Transfer Courses Common Course Numbering

Tarleton State University follows the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS). TCCNS is designed to facilitate the transfer of credits between Texas colleges and universities.

PDF versions of the equivalencies between former courses (Summer 2014 and earlier) to current courses (Fall 2014 and forward) are available for both Undergraduate and Graduate Students. If you are faculty, staff, or student and you believe you have found an error, please email the Office of the Registrar.

You can scroll to the prefix you are searching for or search for a specific prefix (such as ENGL) by holding CTRL and press F. This will open a field to search, and you can type the prefix. You can also search by either partial or full Course Name.

Additional Information

Late Registration

Students can add or drop classes through myGateway during the late registration period. There will be a $25 late registration fee charged to students who did not register during early registration. Review the Late Registration schedule.

Dropping a Class

Once registration has ended, students must submit a Course Drop Request Form to the Office of the Registrar to drop a course.

Dropping to zero credit hours for the semester is considered a withdrawal.

Obtaining my Records to Transfer from Tarleton

If you will be transferring to another institution from Tarleton State University, please learn how to obtain your Official Transcript.


Students needing to drop to zero credit hours for the semester (drop all classes) must submit an Official Withdrawal Request Form to the Office . Learn more about withdrawing.