5 Tips for a Smooth Transfer from an Admission Counselor

So, you’re interested in Tarleton? I’m sure you are super excited to join us but may have a variety of questions as well. As a former transfer student to Tarleton myself, I had many questions on how to make my transition as smooth as possible.

Landon Stanley

Admissions Counselor

Southwest DFW Area<br>

Fast forward a few years and now I work at Tarleton as an Admissions Counselor. My name is Landon Stanley and I have the opportunity to help students like you with the knowledge they need to succeed at Tarleton. So what can I or any Admission Counselor do for you? We are here to help you from the moment that you are interested in Tarleton, to the moment you step foot on campus for your first  day of class. I have been in your shoes so I want to share with you a few tips that can ensure you a smooth and easy transfer to Tarleton! 

1.      Ask questions

We as admissions counselors are here to help you in your transition to Tarleton. Finding your Admissions Counselor is the best way to ask questions and learn more about how Tarleton can benefit you. You can ask us anything, such as:

  • What are your transfer admissions requirements?
  • Am I missing anything for my application?
  • How do I submit my transcripts?
  • How do I sign up for housing?
  • When can I apply for scholarships and financial aid?
  • When can I apply for T-GAP, the scholarship program for transfers?
  • What is your favorite thing about Tarleton?

We are more than happy to answer anything we can for you or point you in the right direction! You can find your admissions counselor here.

2.      GO TOUR

Of all the points on this list, touring may be one of the most important things to do in your transition to Tarleton. We want your first impression of Tarleton to be an unforgettable experience that leaves you wanting to come back. Touring allows you to experience the campus, student life, and traditions firsthand. Click here for more information on how to schedule a tour of Tarleton’s campuses and facilities!

3.      Go to transition events

Tarleton holds three different transition events that are beneficial for transfers to attend. 

The first event is one of our Transfer Information Sessions. We offer virtual Transfer Information Sessions that are led by one of our Admission Counselors. We will review Tarleton transfer requirements, programs offered, frequently asked questions, academic advising, financial aid, scholarships and more. These virtual sessions are available to students that are interested in attending any of our campus locations and are a great event to attend before you apply or get admitted. You can register here!

After you are an admitted Texan you will have the opportunity to attend Texan Camp. Texan Camp is a multi-day experience in August where you can meet other transfer students, learn about Tarleton traditions, participate in team building activities, and most importantly HAVE FUN! The date for Texan Camp is August 17th-18th and you can register here!

Lastly we have Transition Week. Even though you may not be living on campus, this week will allow you to get acclimated to the Tarleton campus and culture. You will have the opportunity to meet some fellow classmates, faculty and staff, make lifelong friendships, and get plugged into Tarleton organizations. To learn more about Transition Week, click here!

4. Get familiar with advising

For most transfer students, advising is the final step to becoming a Texan. During your advising appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with an academic advisor. Your academic advisor can help you by letting you know what courses you need to take per semester, help you add or drop courses, help change your major, and help plan your graduation route. 

To schedule an appointment with your advisor, feel free to call our advising office at 254-968-9746. Before meeting with your advisor, I encourage you to get familiar with your degree plan by viewing your academic advising guide.The advising guides can give you a general knowledge of what courses you will take throughout your collegiate career.

5.      Embrace the traditions

Tarleton is full of rich traditions and engaging events. In fact, Tarleton has many cool traditions that are unique to the university. What other universities can brag about their Purple Poo or stand guard for a week to defend our bonfire? Homecoming Week is the biggest week of the year with an event happening every moment of the week. The traditions of Tarleton are rooted deeply in our student body and help every student truly bleed purple. No matter what Tarleton campus you are attending, the traditions are embraced. Click here to learn more about Tarleton’s traditions and how to engage them.

Embracing the traditions can lead to you getting involved on campus and helps all students stay active and make lifelong friends. At Tarleton, we have multiple clubs and organizations to get involved in. You will have the opportunity to learn about most of these organizations during Tarleton’s “Howdy Week.” Howdy Week is the first week of fall classes and all students will have the opportunity to meet and greet with different clubs and organizations. If you would like to learn more about getting involved on campus, check out TexanSync to view all our clubs and organizations!

These five tips have helped countless transfer students make the transition to Tarleton be as smooth as ever. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to follow the first step and reach out to your admissions counselor. We hope to be in contact with you soon to help you with the steps to become a Texan at Tarleton State University!