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Refrigerators – Micro-fridges (refrigerator-freezer-microwave combinations) are available in every unit with the exception of
campus apartments and suites that feature a kitchenette. Texan Village, Texan Hall and Honors provide a refrigerator in the
apartment kitchen. Integrity, Traditions North, and Traditions South feature apartment sized refrigerators within the
kitchenette of each unit.

  • Residents may not provide their own mini-fridge unit.
  • Residents will be responsible for maintaining micro-fridges in full operational condition and will be responsible for cleaning and defrosting the appliances at the end of each semester.


Laundry – Residents may use the laundry facilities within their residential environment free of charge. Residents will clean/disinfect the laundry facility before and after each use. Non-residents do not have access to free laundry service.

Outdoor Cooking Areas

Outdoor Cooking Areas – Outdoor cooking areas are available for use by all students who reside in University-owned housing. Barbecue grills and picnic tables are available at various residence halls and apartment complexes, but charcoal is not provided. Students are expected to dispose of all trash generated by outdoor cooking activities and assist in keeping areas clean. Lighter fluid, propane tanks, etc. are NOT to be stored in your residence hall room (this includes individual apartment rooms) for any reason.


  • Furnished accommodations
  • Computerized entry-monitoring system
  • Inclusive rate that covers laundry, electricity, heating, water, cable and high-speed internet
  • Convenient billing through student’s university account
  • 9 month Housing Application/Contract aligned with academic semesters
  • 24 hour availability of full-time staff and university police officers
  • Hall lounges, study areas and social gathering spaces with game and equipment check-out at each hall service desk

Residing on-campus creates an environment where students are more successful; therefore, Tarleton supports a live-on requirement of:

Residency Requirements:

Tarleton supports a live-on campus requirement of one year for new incoming students (first time in college and freshmen) and transfer students with less than 30 credit hours. Students about to graduate or have already graduated from high school or have earned GED and have not yet attended a post-secondary institution for one long semester (i.e., Fall or Spring), are considered first-time in college (FTIC) students.

Students who have earned college credits before graduating from high school (AP or Dual Credits) or took classes immediately after graduating from high school (during the summer), are also considered FTIC students regardless of earned credit hours. FTIC students are required to reside on-campus their first academic year unless requesting and receiving approval for an Off-Campus Exemption

Exemptions to Campus Residency Requirement

Exemptions to the Campus Housing Residency Requirement – A student may request an exemption to the campus residency requirement for one of the following reasons:

  1. The student graduated from high school at least one year prior to the start of the semester – this only applies to students who are incoming new students beginning Fall 2023-Spring 2024 academic year.
  2. The student will be 21 years of age prior to the start of the semester.
  3. The student is a married student or a single parent with at least one dependent child.
  4. The student currently resides, and will continue to reside, in the established primary residence of a family member (parent, legal guardian, sibling, aunt/uncle, grandparents) within 60 miles of Tarleton State University’s Stephenville Campus.
  5. The student will reside with a sibling who is a registered student at Tarleton State University and will reside at the address that is located within 60 miles of Tarleton State University’s Stephenville Campus.
  6. A transfer student who has completed college credits in a long semester (Fall – Spring) after graduation from high school.
  7. The student is taking 8 credit hours or fewer as a part-time student.
  8. The student has a financial hardship.
  9. Acceptance to Texas A&M College Station, after enrollment in Tarleton State University’s PSA/Program for System Admission or the Ranger to Tarleton Pathway program.

A student may request an exemption to the campus residence requirement for one of the above reasons by submitting the Off Campus Request Form. To access the Off Campus Request Form, log in to the housing link through Duck Trax on My Gateway. Each Off Campus Request should be carefully reviewed for required documentation as a part of the submission process.