Continue Your Journey at Tarleton

The TCC to Tarleton Pathway* offers Tarrant County College District students the ability to map their TCC credits into Tarleton degree programs and plan ahead with early admission to Tarleton. 

Students can continue their journey to a Bachelor’s degree at Tarleton after completing an Associate Degree at TCC. And while taking classes at TCC, students can talk with Tarleton advisors to make sure they are taking the right classes and making the move at the right time.

The Pathways program to Tarleton enables TCC students to create an application at Tarleton and evaluate transfer credit. TCC automatically sends your application data and transcript to Tarleton. When you are ready to attend Tarleton, we will need to ask you some supplemental questions and collect the application fee (or you may apply for a fee waiver). 

Save time and get the benefits of advising from both TCC and Tarleton to ensure a seamless transfer process.

The TCC to Tarleton Pathway* is intended for students who have not previously attended Tarleton. Students enrolled in the program must meet transfer requirements and be in good academic standing at TCC and all other previously attended institutions. Students are required to provide official transcripts from every regionally accredited institution attended (except for TCC, as TCC will provide their transcript to us).


Degree offerings are specific to certain campuses. Please explore all of our campuses and degree offerings.

Benefits of the Pathways Program

Being on the TCC to Tarleton Pathway has great benefits including:


Access to Tarleton advisors to help you map your courses, major and degree options.

Access to Tarleton Majors and Degree Programs including your TCC transcripts uploaded to show how your courses are contributing towards earning a Tarleton degree.

Guaranteed Tuition

First-time Texas resident undergraduate students have two payment options for tuition and fee plans when entering Tarleton State University. Students must choose between a guaranteed (fixed) tuition and fee rate plan for the first four years of attendance at Tarleton, or a variable plan that will increase annually.

Lock in the Tarleton Guaranteed Tuition Program for up to 15 consecutive semesters (spring, summer, and fall) after you join the Pathways program. When you transfer, you receive the Guaranteed Tuition rate at the time you applied through the Pathways Program.

Electing the TCC to Tarleton Pathway Program

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Athletics – Cheer on the Texans as they compete in Division 1 Athletics.

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Fine Arts – Get your tickets to watch theatre and music productions at the Tarleton Fine Arts Center.

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Rodeo – Tarleton Rodeo Team events