Tarleton State University provides each intern with a Field Supervisor. The duties of the University Field Supervisor include:

  • observing at least two to three 45 minute sessions per semester to provide constructive professional development critiques to the intern/clinical technician, including observed instructional and management practices
  • providing written feedback to the intern/clinical technician, mentor, principal and TMATE Director
  • serving as a liaison between the TMATE program, the principal, the mentor and the intern/clinical technician.

The initial contact between the supervisor and intern/clinical technicianr will occur within the first three weeks of school. The first formal 45 minute observation will occur within the first six weeks of school. 

Qualifications of Field Supervisors include a currently certified educator with an earned graduate degree. The University Field Supervisor is a valuable asset to the TMATE intern.

TMATE Observation Forms