Print, Copy, Fax and Scan in the Library

For convenience, the library provides public access to printers, copiers and stand-alone scanners on all levels of the Dick Smith Library and at the Rickett Library. Color printing is available on both the main and upper level. Color copies can be made at the Circulation Desk on the main level.


Each semester students receive a $5 printing credit on the Texan Card ID. This credit can only be used for printing across campus. If additional funds are needed student must use Texan Bucks. Texan Bucks are managed through the Texan Card Office website, the Texan Card kiosk (cash only) in the main level print/copy room, or at the Texan Card office in the Tarleton Center. Guests may also purchase a print/copy card from the Texan card kiosk.

Prices for printing:

  • Black & White Single-sided: $0.05
  • Black & White Double-sided: $0.08
  • Color Single-sided: $0.15
  • Color Double-sided: $0.18

Poster and 3-D printing are available in The Maker Spot.

Laminating is available at the Maker Sport for $1/foot.

If you have questions about printing in the library, please contact the Library Systems department at [email protected] or 254-968-1955.

Printing from your Personal Device

  1. Go to My Print Center from your personal device. This works from anywhere – including off-campus.
  2. Log in with your NTNET username and password.
  3. Click the “Upload” button in the top right corner and upload your document(s).
  4. Go to any printer, Black & White or Color, (which ever you selected) and swipe your Texan Card at the card reader or enter your NTNET credentials.
  5. Select your job and click on “print”.

Do not select a printer or hit the “Print” button. Doing so will result in your job printing immediately.


Printing from Library Computers

To print from library computers:

  1. Open the print menu of your document.
  2. Select the printer HQ-PRINT TO ANY RELEASE STATION to print in Black & White or HQ-PRINT TO COLOR to print in color.
  3. Wait for the Pharos pop-up at your computer and accept the charges. Jobs are held in the print queue for 24 hours and can be printed from any public printer on campus.
  4. To collect your document, go to a printer (black & white, or color whichever you sent your job) and swipe your Texan Card or enter your NTNET credentials.
  5. Select your job and hit “print”.

More information for campus printer:


A public access black and white copier is available in the Periodicals area of the main floor of the Dick Smith Library. The Copier accepts Texan Bucks.

Color copies are available at the Circulation Desk in the Dick Smith Library.

Prices for copies:

  • Black & White Copies: $0.05 per copy
  • Color Copies: $0.50 per copy


Fax service is available at the Circulation Desk at the Dick Smith Library. All faxing will be done by library staff. Users can send or receive faxes, if receiving a fax, please inform the staff. Due to the sensitive nature of documents, materials will not be held past the end of each business day.

Prices for faxes:

  • 1 to 5 pages = $1.00 per fax
  • Each additional page after the 5th page will be $0.25.

Faxes to be sent must be single-sided. Customers may provide a fax coversheet, which would be included in the total page count.


Standalone scanners are available on all levels of the Dick Smith Library and at the Rickett Library. Scanners are free for all library users. Scanned files can be saved to a USB drive or emailed.

We recommend not emailing scanned documents to third parties, because receipt of email is not verified.

Printer, Copier and Scanner Locations