Requirements for Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Students must demonstrate basic skills as determined by admission requirements to Tarleton State University.

Students are eligible to take EDUC 3320/3321, Foundations of Teaching, as soon as they have 60 earned hours. However, students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program before they are allowed to take any other professional development courses beyond EDUC 3320 or 3321.
The following states the major requirements that must be completed by the end of application semester.

GPA / Coursework Requirements

The following admission requirements must be met by the end of the application semester.

  • Current enrollment at Tarleton State University
  • Successful completion of a departmental screening
  • 3 ENGL courses with a C or better 
  • PSYC 3303 or 2308 or CHFS 3300 with a C or better
  • EDUC 3320/3321 with a C or better
  • Completion of at least 12 hours in Certification Area; 15 hours if Math or Science
  • No grade lower than C in Certification Area or in Professional Development/Education
  • A 2.75 GPA is required in the following areas:
    • Each Certification Area Block on the Certificate Plan
    • Professional Development/Education block
    • Overall on Certificate Plan
    • Cumulative Overall on Transcript or Last 60 Hours. See “GPA Calculators” for more information on how this is calculated.

Departmental Requirements

There may be additional requirements that are department specific. For example, Interdisciplinary Studies students are also required to have a passing grade in MATH 1314 or higher.

All students must be screened by their departments.

Social Security Number Requirement

A valid social security number is required to complete the fingerprinting process as part of the application for certification. An application for certification cannot be processed until fingerprinting has been completed.

More information can be found at TEA.

Conduct Requirements

You must show evidence of good moral character and the mental, emotional, and physical ability to function effectively in a classroom.