Program Retention / Probation Policy

Retention in the Teacher Education Program requires maintenance of standards required for admission, plus evidence of satisfactory academic progress and professional development. The student will receive email notification from Educator Preparation Services if the criteria for admission and retention are not maintained. The student will be placed on probation for a period of one long semester. If the deficiency is not corrected by the end of the probationary period, the student will be removed from the program. Students must then reapply for admission to the Teacher Education Program to be eligible for enrollment in additional professional education courses.

In order to retain full admission in the Teacher Education Program, students must maintain continuous enrollment in the university. Failure to attend for two consecutive long semesters or graduating non-certified constitutes withdrawal from the program. The student must reapply for admission to the Teacher Education Program when reenrolling at Tarleton.

Students cannot be admitted to more than one educator preparation program at the same time. To withdraw from Tarleton’s Teacher Education Program, fill out the withdrawal form.

Tarleton State University reserves the right to monitor a student’s professional ethics according to those standards specified in the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Education (adopted by the Teachers’ Professional Practice Commission, revised March 1, 1998) as it relates to the performance of his or her role as a clinical teacher or while involved with field-based activities in elementary or secondary schools. Appropriate disciplinary action, which may include removal from the Teacher Education Program, may be instituted for violations of ethical conduct.

 Students must be returned to good standing (no longer on probation) before they clinical teach or complete Teacher Residency 2 (TR2).