Running short on time? Let us get library materials for you! When you find items in the library catalog that you wish to use, click the “Place Hold” button. You will need to log into your library account using your Tarleton NTNET ID.

Texan Pick-Up will gather the materials from Tarleton Libraries’ shelves and keep them on hold for you to pick up. Items are pulled Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and closures. 

Patrons will get an email to their Tarleton email address letting them know when items have been retrieved from the shelf and are ready for pick up.

Pick up at Dick Smith Library

Items from the Dick Smith Library: 

  • Books for hold requests are pulled daily, Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Once retrieved, they may be picked up any time the library is open. Items will remain at the desk for pickup for 3 business days.

Items from Offsite Storage: 

  • Submit by Noon: available by 2:30 pm same day.  

Items from Rickett Library: 

  • Items from the Rickett Library will be available at Dick Smith 3-4 weekdays after request is submitted.  

Pick up at Rickett Library

Items from the Rickett Library:  

  • Submit by Noon, Monday through Friday: available by 2:30 pm same day 

Items from the Dick Smith Library: 

  • Items from Dick Smith Library will be available at the Rickett Library 3-4 weekdays after request is submitted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days will the item remain on the hold shelf? 

  • For all patrons, items will remain on the hold shelf for 3 days once they get to their pickup location. 

Can I use Texan Pick-Up to request items on Course Reserve? 

  • No, Course Reserve items will not be available via this service. 

How many items can I request? 

  • 10 holds per account until pick up. 

What should I do if my requested item didn’t arrive? 

If the requested material did not arrive within the listed time frame, it may be because: 

  • The item is already checked out. 
  • The library where the item was located was closed. 
  • Issues with the courier delayed shipping between Stephenville and Fort Worth. 
  • The item is missing – Library staff will notify patrons if the item is not found. 

What if a book is requested multiple times on a report? 

  • The person who made the request first will get the item. 

Does Saturday and Sunday count towards the five days? 

  • No, only weekdays. 

Can someone else pick up my holds? 

If you any questions contact the Library Circulation Desk at 254-968-9450 or [email protected].