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*** Required COVID-19 Training***

All students, regardless of where they are taking classes, are required to complete the COVID-19 Training and Certification no later than the first day of class. If they are returning to campus before the first day of class, they must compete the training prior to arriving on campus. If they do not complete the required course, they will not be allowed to attend face-to-face classes, events, and/or activities. The training will be available on their Canvas Course Dash Board. To log onto, please click on this link canvas.


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The mission of the School of Kinesiology is to provide educational opportunities related to movement and health, provide leadership experiences through service and promote the total well-being of students; not only for a career, but for a lifetime. The Kinesiology faculty strive to Build Fearless Champions.

Professors in the School of Kinesiology have a vast amount of knowledge through research and experience to pass on to students. Professors and students interact to develop relationships and mentorships to help students succeed in their education and future careers.

Our school is composed of two departments: Human and Health Performance and Sport Science. We also provide the Master's in Kinesiology and Master's in Athletic Training program.

Kinesiology Graduate Student
The professors in the School of Kinesiology have taught me so much but most importantly they took the time to get to know me. I completed my undergrad at Tarleton and found my second home, so I stayed to pursue my master's degree in the MSAT program. As a member of Team Kinesiology, you are a part of the family. #BDE #BuildingFearlessChampions #TeamKinesiologyForever

Andi Forester